Mayan Calendar Setting the Tone ~ Astronomology Messages July-Aug 2011

white rhythmic wizardOn July 26, 2011 the Moon in constellation Taurus where she is at her sweetest crossed the Ecliptic Plane from North to South (South Moon’s Node or Ketu) coinciding with the Mayan Day out of Time (July 25) and ushering in the Mayan Year of the White Rhythmic Wizard (July 26).

Tone 6 – Rhythmic – Organic Balance

And all of this occurred 180 degrees from the approximate center of Constellation Ophiuchus the Serpent Holder which at that point would have represented the Moon’s North Nodal point, again emphasizing the key role Ophiuchus is playing the closer we get to 12/21/2012.

So what does this mean?

In astrology the Dragon’s Tail, Ketu, Cauda Draconis or South Node flags overdeveloped character traits or the path of least resistance — what is easy to fall back on. What we fall back on often undermines our forward progress because we tend to hold on to these traits for security. This is the classic definition of Taurus. The South Moon’s Node is marking an aspect of Humans Being Human that we all need to work on.

The North Node on the other hand polarizes and suggests the qualities needed for balance. The qualities of the 13th Constellation, the House of Healing & Wisdom, would be just what doctor ordered under any set of circumstances — a Universal Elixir you could apply anywhere and to any situation. But as luck would have it, the North Node will be transiting the 13th Constellation all year-0f-the-white-rhythmic-wizard long.

Old Business From 7/1/11 Eclipse & June Solstice

Mars in Taurus

Mars is still in Taurus. Keep in mind previous work we did together with Mars as “ruler” of the death-dealing scorpion that is dwindling in size by the minute. Last month we discovered that Mars having dominion over all reptilian forms including the snake meant he was naturally serpentine and hence subject to the handling of Ophiuchus the Serpent Holder.

crab nebula

Taurus A, M1, Crab Nebula | Constellation Taurus

Mars at this point is moving forward at his normal pace (which is not slow so it tends to really get under the skin of the Bull like a burr which is why we’re feeling agitated and annoyed at work and at home unless we’ve made the energetic switch from Mars-scorpion to Mars the Serpent of Wisdom).

Jumping ahead just a bit, Mercury is slowing down and about to turn retrograde, so already the effects of the turning are irritating me – how about you?

Mercury’s retrograde motion already being felt is suggesting we shift gears and REVIEW what has already been done. So if you are interested in the work we are offering everyone the opportunity to become involved in, a review of prior work described in articles on Astronomologer and Startistics would be appropriate. If you’re joining us here for the first time, it is especially important that you take a look at earlier articles as all of the material on Astronomologer builds upward from the foundation, pyramid fashion ūüôā

For those who are not aware of how the Abundant Universe works, taking the action of clicking around and refreshing your memory is a demonstration of interest that the Universe will not fail to notice. All of our actions meet with appropriate Response no matter what their nature or intention.

Mazlow's hierarchy of needs

Mazlow's Hierarchy of Needs

Back to Mars.  

The July 25 Mars conjunction with Crab Nebula gamma ray object would result in Mars dragging gamma ray energy in its wake through the last of Constellation Taurus (the sign associated with your home and job security). You can expect this energy, however detrimental it may feel, to be acting ultimately in your best interests as it will lead you to your Greatest Good, through achieving health and wisdom, as suggested by the North Lunar Node in Ophiuchus.

How is health and wisdom going to put my job situation and my family life back together again (you may be asking)? The state of our home and on-the-job lives are direct reflections of our state of health and the wisdom with which we make decisions (or the lack thereof).

All of this and more is happening on the Mayan Calendar’s Day Out of Time on July 25. July 26 would be the first day of the Year of the White Rhythmic Wizard.

Spaceweather News for July 29, 2011

NOCTILUCENT CLOUDS:¬†The morning of July 26th was electric blue!” says Heiko Ulbricht of Freital, Saxony, Germany. “I woke up at 3 clock, looked out my bedroom window to the north and saw a stunning display of¬†noctilucent clouds.” Moments later, he dashed outside with a camera to record the view:

July has been an odd time for noctilucent clouds (NLCs). The month began with an extravagant display that stretched as far south as Colorado and Kansas–odd because NLCs are usually confined to higher latitudes. The event seemed to herald a period of widespread sightings. Observers were disappointed, though, when the clouds quickly retreated to their usual northern habitat. Could this German apparition signal renewed activity? Sky watchers at all latitudes should be alert for electric-blue ripples around sunrise and sunset. Observing tips may be found in¬†the gallery.

From today’s¬†

July 2011’s Last New Moon – 07/30/2011

The first New Moon of July 2011 was on the 1st and it was a powerful Partial Solar Eclipse the effects of which many of us sensitives definitely felt (see posts on Astronomologer–there are three, let’s just call them Eclipse Post 1, Eclipse Post 2 and Eclipse Post 3).

On July 30, 2011 at 18:40 UT the Sun and Moon both align with M44 The Beehive in Constellation Cancer. This presages a new cycle for women who have work to do. The new beehive is not tended by all-male worker bees around a single Queen (or a body of predominantly male politicians presided over by a potentate figure) but all of the workers of all genders coming together for a common purpose and serving that purpose as though that purpose were the embodiment of the King and Queen of the world.

Conveniently, the Sun has begun to sprout new Sunspots.

More Spaceweather News for July 29, 2011

CHANCE OF FLARES: Sunspot 1260 has developed a delta-class magnetic field that harbors energy for powerful X-class solar flares. Such an eruption today would be Earth-directed as the sunspot turns to face our planet. (continued below)

Note:¬†In yesterday’s news item, sunspot 1263 was mislabeled 1262.

Sunspot 1260 is leading a parade of big sunspots across the solar disk–one of the finest displays of solar activity in years. Even the smallest dark cores in these sunspot groups are as wide as planets, and they are crackling with¬†C-class¬†flares. Readers with¬†solar telescopes¬†are encouraged to monitor developments.

From July 29, 2011

Spaceweather News for July 31, 2011

SOLAR FLARE:¬†Sunspot AR1261 unleashed a brief but powerful solar flare on July 30th at 0209 UT. Registering M9 on the¬†Richter Scale of Flares, the blast almost crossed the threshold into X-territory (X-class flares are the most powerful kind). NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded the flare’s extreme ultraviolet flash:

Because of its brevity, the eruption did not hurl a substantial cloud of material toward Earth. No CME is visible in SOHO coronagraphs. The eruption was not geoeffective, although future eruptions could be as the active region continues to turn toward Earth. Solar flare alerts: text, voice.

TODAY’S BONUS SHOTS:¬†Hubble Transits Jupiter¬†from Tom Harradine of Brisbane, Australia;¬†Electric Blue Clouds¬†from Tuomas M√§kynen of Hirvensalmi, Central Finland;¬†Sunspot Sunset¬†from Don Roberts of Wintersville, Ohio;¬†Fireballs!¬†from Yuichi Takasaka of British Columbia, Canada

BIG SUNSPOTS:¬†The finest display of sunspots since 2006 is underway. Three behemoth sunspot groups are transiting the sun’s northern hemisphere, shown here in a July 31st image from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory:

Among the three, sunspot 1261 is most active. The multi-cored group has a beta-gamma-delta class magnetic field that harbors energy for X-class solar flares. Readers with solar telescopes are encouraged to monitor developments.

Mercury Turning Retrograde (August 3, 2011)

On the New Moon July 30, Mercury is aligned both in Ecliptic and Equatorial coordinates with Alpha Leo, Regulus – the Royal Heart of the Lion. Interestingly enough, and here is a cosmic coincidence you won’t find in any Astrology reading, there is an alignment between Alpha Leo and the Cat’s Eye Nebula in Constellation Draco (the Zodiac Dragon) which is a marker for the North Celestial (Zodiac) pole. When the planets are in a certain alignment with these objects (Alpha Leo, Cat’s Eye Nebula) Zodiac Business is afoot.

Cats Eye Nebula SceneWhat Zodiac Business may be afoot today? (That’s a rhetorical question. I think we already know what Zodiac Business is afoot today. If there is anyone here who doesn’t, there are plenty of posts on Astronomologer and Startistics to give you a clue.)

On August 3 (pictured below) as the Head of the Hydra dragon-serpent rises in the East at Stonehenge, Mercury will be rising too. Yet a third reference to dragon energy. ¬†In the hours preceding dawn at Stonehenge Mercury will have turned around to travel retrograde (apparent backwards motion). This is an illusion brought about by the Earth’s having caught up with Mercury in her orbit of the Sun and passed him, giving his form the illusion of now moving away from us (or is it the other way around? I get confused when I try to visualize it so don’t feel like the Lone Ranger if you don’t get it either ;-))

I would love to be the Know-It-All of know-it-alls but I’m not. So lest anyone go thinking I know more than I do, let me assure you I’m learning from Ground Zero just like many of you aspiring Astronomologers out there. Hey. If I can do it, you can too!

Motion-Copernican System

Maybe this will help us picture it! | From (Click to visit)

Here is a model we can look at to give us a hand picturing what retrograde motion really means. As you can guess, if the planets are magnets or electrodes (and they are in a sense) and we respond to their energy fields (which we do) then this is why reversing direction sort of messes us up if we’re not expecting it. So start keeping track of it. It’s like PMS on the Full Moon. Men, if you know what your woman’s cycles are, you can be ready with Roses to help smooth out the 90¬į turns of her natural cyclic swings.

As Mercury is turning around, The Sun will be applying to an alignment with Alpha Cancer (alignments with Alpha stars are always significant, especially when in combination with other celestial alignments of this magnitude). Venus will be entering The Beehive, soon to occult some of the stars that make up the Open Cluster deep sky object. This is no coincidence either.

Mercury Rx Message

Mercury Retrograde from Stonehenge August 3, 2011

Not shown here is the waxing crescent Moon which will be in very early degrees of Constellation Virgo but will be entering the Coma-Virgo X-Ray/Radio Galaxy Streaming. I may have discussed that already but if not don’t worry I will. Most of us are probably on Information Overload as it is. The review will help ground concepts so that they become familiar and the overloading of circuitry will be eased.

What the collective energy field is tending to favor is groups of people of all genders clustering quietly about a productive enterprise idea that will give birth to a honey-sweet result. The waxing Moon in Virgo is tending to favor smart, technical agrarian earth activities. The current low-light phase is suggestive that this is where the planted seeds are about to sprout.

Anyone in the money industry would be well advised to back these sorts of enterprises and to advise their clients to do the same.

Love, Love Affairs & the King’s Castle

Sometimes the Castle belongs to the Queen, let us not forget that little detail.

Mercury retrograde in Leo suggests we stop and re-think our definitions of Love and re-explore our personal relationships and love affairs in the context of how they may result in being ejected from the Castle Keep. We also need to think about how our personal relationships bring us into or keep us out of the Hives that must be formed to benefit the planet and humanity as a whole while we turn our attention to truly Green projects and practices.

New Births in August

Children being born in this window will be endowed with special Hive qualities and they will be drawn more into the Mystery and less attracted to personal Love relationships as we define those relationships today. Love to the newborn in late July through the month of August will be conditioned by criteria in the DNA they came here with, and less inclined to be taught our definitions and standards. Our definitions and standards have produced the world we see all around us. Well … is that working out for us? No, of course not. So let’s look to our children as gifts from God/dess programmed to create a better world. Let’s not be too hasty to tell them they’re too young to understand. These children will be born with more Understanding (a key word of Cancer) than we could ever imagine. Truly ancient souls are among them.

In Conclusion, the Messages this Month

Mercury during the month of August says Review your definitions of Love, Rethink your personal relationships and how your affairs of the heart will impact others in your immediate sphere.

We always say Children are the future, and in this case they are more so than ever. Incarnating children in August 2011 are coming in on a wave of Ancient Soul Plasma. It is a wave of Returning Serpents of Wisdom.

You may be irritated at work or at home, and if this is the case, work on your Mars-Scorpio-Scorpion-Serpent transformation energy. You’re going to need your “red zones” (hot-blooded, sharp-tongued responses) to be in control when Mars enters Gemini, the sign of thought and communications.

For more information on the Mayan Calendar and the Mayan Day out of Time visit Planet Art Network.

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