12/10/2011 Total Lunar Eclipse ~ Oph Sun/Taurus Moon

What it will look like | Photo credit: Jim Fakatselis, NASA

The last eclipse of 2011 is a total lunar eclipse that takes place at the Moon’s descending node in eastern Taurus. The Sun will be opposite the Moon from Constellation Ophiuchus.

SUPER-SIZED ECLIPSEOn Saturday morning, Dec. 10th, sky watchers in the western United States and Canada will witness a total lunar eclipse swollen to super-sized proportions by the Moon illusion. Get the full story from Science@NASA.

Info Source: http://www.spaceweather.com

Astronomy Facts

The Moon’s orbital trajectory takes it through the southern half of Earth’s umbral shadow. Although the eclipse is not central, the total phase still lasts 51 minutes. The Moon’s path through Earth’s shadows as well as a map illustrating worldwide visibility of the event are shown in Figure 6. The timings of the major eclipse phases are listed below.

Penumbral Eclipse Begins: 11:33:32 UT
Partial Eclipse Begins: 12:45:42 UT
Total Eclipse Begins: 14:06:16 UT
Greatest Eclipse: 14:31:49 UT
Total Eclipse Ends: 14:57:24 UT
Partial Eclipse Ends: 16:17:58 UT
Penumbral Eclipse Ends: 17:30:00 UT

At the instant of greatest eclipse (14:32 UT) the Moon lies at the zenith in the Pacific Ocean near Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands.

During totality, the winter constellations are well placed for viewing so a number of bright stars will be visible. Aldebaran (mv = +0.87) is 9° to the southwest of the eclipsed Moon, while Betelgeuse (mv = +0.45) is 19° to the southeast, Pollux (mv = +1.16) is 37° east, and Capella (mv = +0.08) is 24° north.

The entire event is visible from Asia and Australia. For North Americans, the eclipse is in progress as the Moon sets with western observers favored by a larger fraction of the eclipse before moonset. Observers throughout Europe and Africa will miss the early eclipse phases because they occur before moonrise. None of the eclipse can be seen from South America or Antarctica. The NASAJavaScript Lunar Eclipse Explorer is an interactive web page that can quickly calculate the altitude of the Moon during each phase of the eclipse from any geographic location:

Astronomology view ~ snapshot

“At the instant of greatest eclipse (14:32 UT) the Moon lies at the zenith in the Pacific Ocean near Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands.”

About the most the Moon’s Zodiac location has to recommend it is an alignment to Beta Orion (Rigel) and its coincidence with the Descending Lunar Node (which is not exceptional, it’s normal — the Total Lunar Eclipse always occurs at the Descending Lunar Node).

In Astronomology terms the location of the Moon during the Total Lunar Eclipse is relatively unremarkable. Or maybe it’s just elegantly simple.

The Eclipse alignments around the Sun in Constellation Ophiuchus, on the other hand, are brilliant (no pun intended). I feel as though breaking them down into clipped metaphysical phrases would somehow be a profanation. So I’m choosing to leave this sky map uninterpreted just to illustrate the alignments. Every orbiting body I could think of to check that is in Constellation Ophiuchus has been added to the star map at right to drive home the point that all moving parts are locked into a strategic place.

Something big is happening. It’s happening in Constellation Ophiuchus and involves everything and everyone the 13th Constellation touches — especially those of you who are awakening to find you are not Sidereal Scorpios or Tropical Sagittarians but Real Sky Ophiuchans.

You are going through transitions, activations and attunements. Your old life is falling away like an old seed pod or an outgrown snake skin.

How do you feel?

Take it easy today and just go with the flow. You can be sure the flow is guiding and leading us all to a healthier way of life.

Extended Astronomology interpretation

To read an interpretation of the energies for the day focused on the time of the Eclipse, see 12/10/2011 Total Lunar Eclipse ~ Astronomology View; see also Your Daily Ophiuchus Horoscope – December 2011 for the Astronomology perspective on energy leading up to and following the Eclipse.


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I initiated my mysticism & occult path with a course in Astrology from the Rosicrucian Fellowship in 1970. In 1987 as I was preparing to become a professional Astrologer I bought a sky atlas for fun and found constellation Ophiuchus walking along the zodiac belt. I was shocked. I've dedicated myself to evolving Astrology for the New Age ever since then. Let those with the ears to hear, hear. Take what resonates. Leave the rest.