Ophiuchus Men & Women Coming Out of the Shadows

Astronomologer is honored and privileged to unveil the First Wave of Consciously Awakened Solar Ophiuchus men and women courageously coming forth to introduce and present themselves as being ready to go to work! If you belong on this page and you’d like us to add you to this page, please contact me.

Mariza Lopez Kaufman (MLK)

December 8th Solar Ophiuchus – San Diego, California USA

Cathedral Vortex Sedona | The I AM GODDESS Full Moon on 11/10/2011

Greetings my beautiful Universe and all fellow light beings on this precious Mother Gaia!

I Am here and now, present before you and open to the divine guidance that has brought me to this awesome moment in our evolution. I stand here ready to serve! May these humble hands be facilitators of healing, holding the space of Love.

We are all Love and are all deserving of the abundance of Love and health. It is my intention to hold the sacred space for you, where you feel loved, safe and comfortable for your own healing to take place.

It is an honor and a privilege to hold that space for you, without judgment, in loving kindness, sympathetic joy, and compassion.

More clarity and grounding in my being began after practicing Zhineng Qigong in 2007. This brought a new awareness of the inter-connectedness of all life and how all is energy and information.

Mine has been a zigzagging road, climbing steadily up and around hills, not having the clear vision at times but trusting that I would meet all the teachers needed along my path.

Further clarification of my life’s purpose came from my studies at the International School of Bodywork and Holistic Studies (IPSB) where I completed my Holistic Health Practitioner program with over 1000 hours in massage, specializing in the Bio-dynamic model of Craniosacral Therapy.

At Mt. Shasta 10-10-2010

As I learned how hard our bodies are always working to achieve homeostasis, which is a state of perfect balance and health, I realized how difficult some of the healing and repair processes can be for the body to complete without help. It is in a symbiotic relationship, being witnessed, that the greatest healing occurs. I thank you for allowing me to bear witness to the magnificence of your journey to perfect health. It is with a compassionate heart filled with Love, Joy and Light that I open myself to providing care and guidance to you.

I will be opening my public portal soon. In the meantime you can Find me on Facebook.


Cathy Rubini – North American in Italia

Cathy Rubini

Solar Ophiuchus Cathy Rubini | American living in Italy

Birthday party 2011 – Coming Home to Egypt

I celebrated my 55th birthday (the first one as a conscious Ophiuchus) sitting alone in the Great Pyramid of Giza.

While many tourists have been scared off by the revolution in Cairo, I spent 4 incredible days in Giza village where peace reigned. I stayed in the home of one of the Ancient Wisdom Keepers and the energy there had me shaking like a leaf and activating the entire time. I slept in the desert at the Temple of the Sun and meditated before sunrise at this stargate. I experienced the energy of the New Earth and there are no words to convey this feeling. You will see that I had to get up and dance!

I hope this video conveys the Peace and the Joy of my experience which I am very happy to share.

Cathy Rubini

 November 29 Scorpio-Ophiuchus Mahasti Kia

Iranian living in Istanbul

Mahasti, Celia Fenn, and Nazil at Hagia Sophia 11-2010

Solar Ophiuchus Mahasti (left) with Solar Ophiuchus Celia Fenn and Nazli at Hagia Sophia (Istanbul) 11-2010

Mahasti says …

I’m all here to serve 🙂

Thanks to you and your articles, i had the most proper validation to the latest developments. It is all rocking and rolling in perfect order! Voww! 😀

As for me, i’m an Iranian, born in 1967, have been living in Istanbul since 1987. My field is graphic design. But my awakening (which went on slowly all through my childhood and youth) gained pace around 2001-2 as i learned reiki, read books by Castaneda, Drunvalo etc…, watched the Secret and suddenly realized the underlying truth in all the occult and esoteric materials i had studied before… that we were created as “creators” and that Earth was going through a major shift.

Apparently i was some sort of an archivist or scribe back there and then (don’t know exactly where or when 🙂 ). One of my missions is digging out information and passing it out to the correct people.

I feel i can also bring up the frequency wherever i am, by letting the Shekinah flow… (my stability and calmness affects people around me as i’ve been told many times)

I keep participating in worldwide meditations and also celebrate all celestial and pagan dates (solstices, full moons etc…) sometimes in groups sometimes alone.

Another important thing for me is the World Brotherhood Union and the Knowledge Book, channeled through Ms. Bulent Corak in late 80’s. I was an active member for 1 year (around 2009), but the work needs much more time than i could spare, so now i just spread the word, as much as i can 🙂

In November 2010 Celia Fenn, me and another lady came together in Istanbul (photo above) and spent a couple of days together. (and i also translated some of her texts ton Farsi for her blog).

Thanx again, much love and blessings… ♥..

Alex and Eric 2003

Alex and Eric (or Eric and Alex??) – 2003

Eric and Alex Kors Vidsiunas

Dec 7 Ophiuchus Twins – São Paulo, Brazil

Hi there!

My name is Eric Kors Vidsiunas and I am a Brazilian (Bio)Chemist – I like to write it like this to keep in (my own) mind that I am both a Chemist and a Biochemist, which means to say that both living and inanimate matters fascinate me with their intricate complexities as far as Structure, Kinetics and Function are concerned. Well, this is a useful combination of words that helps us keep in perspective that things are the way they are and happen the way they do for a reason, a purpose – and vice versa.

I came into the world with an identical twin brother Alex 36 years ago on December 7th, 1974, in São Paulo, Brazil, to a Family descending from a mixture of Portuguese long established in Brazil and Italian, German and Lithuanian immigrants arriving later in this huge southern hemisphere country. My home city happens to be a huge megalopolis intersected by the Tropic of Capricorn, a fact that always fascinated me ever since my school days, when I first learned that the stars depicted on our Brazilian flag are those ones that could be seen in the sky over Rio de Janeiro on November 15th, 1889 – the day the Brazilian Republic was instituted, when Rio still used to be our capital city.

Eric with Brazilian Flag

Eric with his Brazilian Flag

As a child, I learned at school that each one of the stars corresponded to each and every Brazilian State. And, yes, as I child, I would find it always incredibly difficult to correctly draw our national flag!!! Maybe my twin Alex wouldn’t find it that difficult, since he has always been more gifted at drawing.

I first started showing a keen interest in the Occult when I was 13 or so, when I remember first reading about Astrology and the Tarot. I tried to engage myself in learning more, but a few years later, as I started college, I decided that those occult subjects were not meant for someone pursuing a serious scientific career in Chemistry wishing to become a true scientist. Therefore I closed my eyes and spirit to the Occult for some years until I seriously started studying the Chemistry of living beings, Biochemistry. I still remember my awe and how I would keep saying to myself as I read upon how the living cells not only sustain but also propagate Life by means of their beautiful molecular machinery: “I doubt all this wonderful complexity has arisen simply out of casual chance! There is bound to be some superior, organizing Intelligence/Will behind all this!” That re-discovery of God, as I like to describe that experience to myself, took place some time before I first heard about Ophiuchus.

Paris Tree Pose

Eric in Tree Pose- Eiffel Tower, Paris

A dear friend of mine had asked me if I knew anything about the “new 13th sign” sometime late in the year 2000. As I didn’t and regarded myself as an ever-curious and eager-learner (and wanna-know-it-all) Sagittarius, I went out doing some research over the internet and came across a bunch of websites. One of those was Donna’s Startistics website. It was love at first sight – literally! I’ll never forget that day: Christmas Eve, year 2000. I gladly took Donna’s invitation posted on her web site, and dropped her some lines. We exchanged some emails and, to my surprise, shortly after that Donna gifted me with an in-depth and detailed and unorthodox reading of my astronomological natal sky chart. I was most impressed! I had just turned 26 years old back then and an entirely new and much deeper, wider, higher and more colourful world was opening up before my eyes: Astronomology.

Donna and I then started corresponding and taking astral trips together, so to speak, alongside with our mundane 3D lives. And from that point in time on, I never ceased to be amazed at how fascinating and enriching the experience of merging Astronomical and Astrological knowledge can be. We would then spend whole nights cyber-talking about myths, planets, stars, the Occult Arts, always having as our scenery the planetary context of Mother Earth Gaia.

Eric Alex Mum & Dad

Eric, Alex, Mum & Dad ~ December 7, 2010

But then I had a Ph.D. thesis on protein structure to finish and defend, and all sort of mundane things calling out to me, longing to be felt and lived out. I had just come out to my own family and was coming to grips with making increasingly wider concentric circles about living the Life that presented itself before me, experiencing my own (homo)sexuality, learning about myself, who I really am and where I want to be. Lots of interesting and challenging things for a (Bio)Chemist also interested in Al-Chemy and combining things! 😀

Now, looking back, even to the present date, it somehow feels like coming out of the closet whenever I talk about Ophiuchus to other people and the myths related to this constellation, a real set of real stars in the real sky. Not many people are aware of the existence of this constellation. However, it IS out there, so why not consider it as existing and having a right to do so? 😉

I do not want to get myself too carried away here with my intended pun about “coming out”. But from my very own personal perspective I feel tempted to play around with the similarities I feel exist in these two experiences that involve a lot of incorporating “exotic” elements into the fabric we’re weaving by living.

Alex on Plane with Crystal July 2009

Alex on Plane bound for Rome with Quartz Crystal July 2009

As an Astronomologer, whose making is ever in progress, I feel urged to look within and without, above and below, seeking to merge Arts and Knowledge, both ancient and brand new so that the insights received can serve me as tools at some times, or as maps at others, to sculpt and to travel along and co-create my own Path, being also aware my Path can run alongside or even cross Others’ Paths? After all, isn’t it ALL MIND and “Do what thou wilt”?

Alex at Tiberina

Alex & Staff of Asclepius Sculpture, Isola Tiberina, Rome

Talking of Paths, both Alex and I love travelling around – and we have been doing precisely that quite a bit for the past couple of years, both leisurely and professionally. As a Biologist, M.Sc. Anatomist and Ph.D. Histologist, Alex is still involved with research and higher education, now as a Professor. As for myself, I have been working with scientific and technological research funding. We are sharing some pictures showing us around in some of those trips in Europe and North America. As far as Ophiuchus/Asclepius are concerned, my brother did actually set his feet upon Isola Tiberina in the River Tevere, Rome, Italy. I guess that was sometime mid-late July 2009. By the way, the bearded guy is ALWAYS me on the pictures, so there’s no chance you might mistake one for the other! On the picture depicting the Brazilian flag, it is me last April 29th at São Paulo’s International Airport before taking a flight to London, England. I really wish I had visited Stonehenge, but that hasn’t happened yet. Maybe Alex and his fiancée will do that this Summer (up there)/Winter (down here), since they’re both Europe bound in a few days from now. Oh, yes! The other picture shows the Eiffel Tower behind me while I was playing around and “inventing” the Eiffel-Tower-Yoga-asana! \o/ Alex and I are both very much interested in arts too, especially music, cinema, painting, photography… And, yes, Alex loves Astronomy and has his own particular way of sensing the subjective realms.

Eric at the Asclepion at Bergama, Turkey on 11-11-11

I hope I can share some of the excitement I have had from walking my Path. 🙂

Love and Light, much Respect,

ilona Koudijs, December 7 Solar Ophiuchus

~ Energy Healer & Painter ~

Born and raised in Holland, Living in Sharm el Sheikh, South Sinai, Egypt

Ilona at Dam

Ilona Koudijs | Born in Holland ~ Living in Egypt since 1995

Life has a way of leading us onto certain roads, closing off some tracks and opening up others. In Retrospect it’s always easier to see than when you’re circling another roundabout where no road feels like the right one. When I was about 11 yrs old I knew already that the artistic path that was in my blood, even if I abandon the track for a while, it seems I’m always led back to it in some way.

I went from fashion (clothes) to conceptual Arts, to Theatre; scenery, lights and costumes, to Shoemaker & designer and to decorating walls, while painting has always been somewhere on the side.

In the same way, all things in life have led me onto the path of healing, the typical path of the wounded healer I would say, receiving treatments and learning Reiki, which eventually led me to leave the fashion world and brought me to Sinai, where life at that time was simple and very much connected to nature.

I fell in Love with the Desert, the sea, the amazing dark nights with millions of stars, the Bedouin people, the simplicity of life, the space, the mountains, the peace, the quietness and the emptiness. This led me to go off the beaten tracks even more to discover the path I really want to walk on. Here I became a Reiki master (1998), working with Reiki continued to deepen my spiritual process and when I was ready, VortexHealing® found me and I’ve continued to study this since then (2005).

Ilona Koudijs

Ilona Koudijs | Healer ~ Artist ~ Solar Ophiuchus

Vortex Healing has deepened my own healing process enormously and brought me back again to painting, in my work, I believe you can see my process much better than words can describe it.

My paintings contain a lot of energy and seem to bring in divine consciousness and healing. Recently I’ve started to make personal paintings; I tune into the other person and make a painting which brings in the energy they need which is an interesting and challenging new direction to walk in.

The Healing Process has gotten pretty rough lately, pushing me to surrender and let go over and over again, challenging me to discover and make my own track. Through this process my Heart has opened so wide and so deep and it continues to do so more and more, it’s kind of sweet & sour: painful and incredibly loving at the same time I’ve discovered somehow that I can use the Heart opening for healing; and in there seems to be some kind of door into the un-manifest, which brings in exactly the energy the other needs and distance is no issue. I have no good name for it, but for now I call it the Heart Connection; its energy is so strong, so soft and Loving and the silence is so amazing and I feel that it continues evolving which is a beautiful new adventure. This is the non-track I’m on these days, finding more and more my own way to bring beauty and healing into the world.

I’ve always been following my intuition and I only know that all things in my life have come on my path to bring me where I am now, no signs and no directions, no more tracks now, guided by my Intuition, my Angels, the Moon and the Stars I’m just finding my own. Maybe this is the Ophiuchus working, I have no idea; the more I know, the less I understand and the more I understand, the less I have to say.

Love & Light


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