Ophiuchus & March Equinox 2012

The Goddess Freedom, a form of Isis, stands atop the US Capitol Building at Washington DC

This post is a complete mini-course in everything you need to know to make virtuous use of March Equinox 2012.

A Sacred Earth Circle Is Cast

Last year the Heart of Ophiuchus rose in the East at 3 of the 4 seasonal turning points of 2011 while the Crowned Head of Ophiuchus’s Serpent of Wisdom1 rose alongside Virgo at Due East on the September Equinox.

The Serpent is an esoteric form of Sophia – Wisdom. Virgo of course is the celestial embodiment of Isis. And September is the ‘solar month of Virgo.’ How perfect was that?

Pretty darned.

Through this celestial alchemy process the Queen of Heaven can be seen to have used the 2011 Solar Cycle of Earth to seed Healing, Wisdom & Transformation Light at each of the 4 turning points of our Seasonal Year, thus casting a Magic Circle around the Sun from Stonehenge and Squaring it.

In so doing the Heart of Ophiuchus has brought into the Sacred Circle the Triple Goddess — Maiden, Mother, Crone in spring, summer and winter. In autumn She unveiled Herself fully in her own Zodiac Sign Virgo as Isis, the Virgin Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, and Eve in the Garden accompanied by Sophia, the Serpent of Wisdom Crowned.

CME 2012 March 07 | Click to view movie

The Solar Logos Participates

While the Earth on her tilted axis was moving from Station to Station around the Solar Star with the Zodiac Constellations as Her starry backdrop, the Sun was participating in this ritual too. Every single X-Class Solar Flare in 2011 found Constellation Ophiuchus at one of the Cardinal Directions (NEWS) or inside the Sacred Circle at Stonehenge.

I should note for the record that we have already had several X-Class Solar Flares in 2012 and this pattern of Ophiuchus camping on all of the X-Class Flares did not repeat itself this year. However, having sustained this extraordinary Ophiuchus-X-Class Solar Flare connection throughout the year in 2011 we conclude with a high degree of certainty that 2011 was a year of Sacred Circle preparation for Ceremonial Celestial Magic to commence at March Equinox 2012.

Moving to our consideration of the present, as we began gathering information for this article, the Sun began to crackle with Solar Flare energy.

Aurora in Iceland March 8, 2012

On March 7 at 00:24 UT, exactly 2 weeks to Equinox, an X-5.4 Class CME hurled Solar Plasma earthward. The sky chart of this burst one more time finds the Heart of Ophiuchus rising Due East at Stonehenge in accompaniment with the waxing gibbous Moon in its astronomical alignment with Alpha Leo, Regulus, the Heart of the Lion.

We received feedback from a number of sensitive people who all reported the same uplifting sensations and visions being generated by the quality of the Solar energy that reached Earth as it coincided with the conjunction of the Full Moon and Mars retrograde in Constellation Leo on March 8.

Scientifically measurable effects were reported as mild. There  were no Communication system interruptions reported though simultaneously I must tell you by its very nature Ophidian Current ultimately does interrupt communications at cosmically fundamental levels to create insertion points and facilitate change. If Light Workers are feeling good, it means the last round of high intensity Ophiuchus Solar Matter has already been processed by folks who resonate with the higher frequencies of new incoming Light.

Geomagnetic storming conditions overflowing into March 9th were reported as “favorable” as the Moon floated through the Coma-Virgo X-Ray/Radio Galaxy Streaming described in Essays for Astrologers: Constellation Virgo (Virginis).

Hygeia feeding serpent

Asclepius’s ‘daughter’ & serpent handler Hygeia (“Hygeine”), pre-patriarchal age Goddess of Health

The March 7 X-5.4 Class Ophiuchus solar event also puts us on notice that the Solar-Ophiuchus Consciousness connection with Stonehenge has been reestablished and the energy that washed over the planetary sphere between March 7-9 was in all likelihood in preparation for the Ceremonial Magic to be co-created on the first Equinox of 2012.

As I write this sunspots are growing and harbor energy capable of producing more X-Class flares. As always, we will continue to monitor Solar activity and keep you fully updated.

Isis-Snake Goddess connection unveiled

Speaking of preparation, please bear with me while I work into the fabric of this post a number of back stories necessary to give context to the March 2012 Equinox. If we were in some other year I might not spend this much time on it. But given this is the year we’ve all been talking about and waiting for, I’m sure you’ll agree thoroughness is called for.

The first issue I want to bring forward involves the mainstream impression that the Ancient Gods of Healing & Wisdom Asclepius (Greek) and Imhotep (Egyptian) are the alpha and omega of Constellation Ophiuchus’s personality and essence. This simply is not the case.

Which figure depicted in this Sculpture is the Serpent Handler? | Asclepius and ‘daughter’ Hygeia, Roman Diptych, c. 400/430 AD Museum on Merseyside, Liverpool

The name of the constellation is “serpent holder,” not Asclepius. Seekers after Truth quickly learn that overlooking little details such as this is sometimes all it takes to sabotage a lifetime of work.

In researching spiritual anthropology and the genealogy of the gods beginning with the Myth of Asclepius (written in Patriarchal times), we are able to navigate our way through the tangled web of history and myth to find the original serpent holder was not a god but a goddess of nature whose place was usurped and whose stories were rewritten by warrior culture conquerors. Not even her name survived the cover-up.

Egyptian art and artifacts found at Knossos together with Minoan Crete artifacts found in the tombs of Hatshepsut and Thutmose III are strongly suggestive of a cultural exchange between Egypt and Crete, two sophisticated civilizations whose ports were linked by the Greco-Egyptian-Phoenician Trade Routes.

Geraldine Gesell argues that the snake goddess was not a household goddess as no snake goddess has ever been found in a true domestic context. Rather, the “Snake Goddess” had the broader function of universal Mother or Earth Goddess and was thereby principally a fertility deity.

Women in the Aegean – Snake Goddess, Christopher L.C.E. Whitcombe

One of the hieroglyphic signs used to write the word sa, meaning to protect, is a looped cord made of linen thread or leather. It was suggested above that the looped cord projecting above a “knot” between the breasts of both the “Snake Goddess” and the votary may be symbolical. It may in fact represent a magical knot, or sa, to which the Minoan “sacral knot” may be related. The loop of the knot has been identified as a sign of the vulva.

Sa was also the name given to the “the blood of Isis.” On statues of Isis, or of women dressed as Isis (such as that from the Ptolomaic period in the Staatlichen Sammlung Ägyptischer Kunst, Munich, …), the Isis-knot is shown between the breasts in the same position it appears on the “Snake Goddess” and on the votary.

Women in the Aegean – Snake Charmers, Christopher L.C.E. Whitcombe



Hence it is the question of identity and gender that holds the key to understanding the esoteric and intrinsic meaning of the 13th Zodiac Constellation and what it has to do with the theme of the March 2012 Equinox.

Isis & the planetary grid system

Isis, Goddess of the Throne

Throughout world history Master Planners, Architects and Builders have used sacred geometry to design structures of certain proportion and to align city streets, buildings and monuments with megaliths, sacred sites, the sun, moon and key planets in our solar system, the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, and certain fixed stars including in particular Constellation Virgo (as Isis) and Sirius (the Star of Isis).

This practice has created a sprawling network and energy grid binding the Earth, Moon, Sun and Stars together as though this specialized design drives some sort of great cosmic engine.

In an attempt to harness the Power of Isis, Goddess of the Throne, the grid builders have incorporated Her numbers, shapes and forms into the system and brought Her to life iconically in paintings and statues. But there the reverence for Her seems to have ended as in all other respects expressions of the Divine Feminine in Nature on this planet (the Domain of Isis) have been methodically invalidated, violated, and abused.

Call me a hopeless romantic. It is my contention that it takes more than tokens to secure the patronage of The Great Lady Isis, Goddess of the Throne, Agriculture, Inundations, Motherhood and Magic.

Washington DC | Obelisk inside Vesica Piscis

Hence our Mission will be to serve as enlightened and willing vessels for the Light and Life Force of the Queen of Heaven to bring balance to what we will take for the moment as a competent planetary grid system.

Those who are up for the task will join with the Queen of Heaven in infusing the Grid with Light. I’m not talking about the kind of light that’s going to empower the people who think they’re currently in power. I’m talking about a current of energy that’s going to be more in the nature of an anti-virus at first. Later it will heal, regenerate and nurture.

We’ll take it slowly at first. We may have cause as we go along to question some symbols on the grid that we don’t understand, such as why great towering obelisks are protruding from the centers of some of the Vesica Pisces.2 Have the master builders presumptuously bound Isis & Osiris together in ceaseless coupling without asking Them?

This posture did not work well for Ouranos.

Isis – Snake Goddess – Asclepius: genealogy

Don’t read the next two paragraphs and click off or scroll past the rest of this section thinking you’ve heard it all before. You haven’t. And if you plan on working with the Sacred Geometry Grids of Earth & Sky you’re going to need to know all of this stuff beginning with how ceaseless coupling caused the undoing of Ouranos.

The ‘abuse of women & children’ gene

To prevent any of his issue from deposing him, Ouranos, the primeval sky god, commanded of his wife Gaia the earth that she lock their children away in Tartarus. Tartarus is a deep, gloomy pit or an abyss used as a place of torment and suffering that resides beneath the underworld. Apparently this was painful for Gaia and as the children grew, trapped inside of her, the pain became excruciating.

In agony Gaia fashioned a flint sickle and offered it to whichever of her children might be brave enough to take on Ouranos and put an end to this intolerable situation. And so while Ouranos and Gaia were engaged in their ceaseless coupling Kronos took the sickle, reached his hand out from Tartarus, and sliced off Ouranos’ testicles. Ouch-Ouch!

But that’s what it took for Ouranos to let go of Gaia so she could get some relief. Kinda makes it sound like the ceaseless coupling was a way of blocking off Gaia’s womb so her children couldn’t escape. That being the case, what does the obelisk sticking out of the vulva mean? This is puzzling, but we’ll move on with our story. It has more points to make.

Thus Kronos and his siblings, all full grown adults by then, escaped their confinement and together they killed and supplanted Ouranos. Kronos claimed the throne becoming God of Time and the Cosmos. As a Ruler, Kronos didn’t turn out to be any better than his father. Because the Oracle had told Kronos that what he did to his father would be done to him, Kronos made Rhea bring her newborns to him so he could swallow them and prevent the prophecy from being fulfilled. That worked until Zeus was born.

Rhea hands infant to Kronos to swallow

Kronos had already swallowed 5 of Rhea’s children when she got pregnant with Zeus. She’d had her fill of Kronos by then. When Zeus was born Rhea’s mother Gaia, having been through the same thing with her husband Ouranos, helped Rhea trick Kronos into swallowing a rock wrapped in a blanket letting him believe that was Zeus. Zeus was taken to Crete where he was raised in a cave to keep him hidden away from Kronos until he was old enough to fight his father and free his siblings.

Zeus’s birth & matriarchal upbringing

On the isle of Crete, Zeus’s official place of birth, young Zeus’s mother was venerated as a mother goddess. Her likeness appears on Cretan coins together with the Eagle that is sacred to Zeus. As such Zeus was his goddess-mother’s consort as was the Cretan matriarchal tradition.

The Cretans referred to Zeus as “ho megas kouros”—the great youth. However, he was not a god there. In fact archaeologists can find no gods in evidence at Crete either in art, coins, pottery, or statues.

Meanwhile, peaceful artistic Knossos as a thriving trade culture with strategically valuable sea ports was targeted for acquisition and lost its autonomy, coming under Mycenaean rule. Zeus the great youth saw the handwriting on the wall. It was clear to him that after he fought his father and liberated his siblings he would need to stay in Greece, take a wife that was fit to be Queen and defend his new kingdom or the Mycenaeans would take that too.

Once the Mycenaeans took Knossos, fascination with the artistic, beautiful and pleasureful Goddess-centered culture set in and threatened to lure the warriors into a peaceful co-existence with the natives. They were learning how to be happy as spiritual men but before love and peace could weaken their warrior fabric enough to turn them completely, their collective future was cut short by what appeared to archaeologists to be a natural disaster (super-volcanic explosion and tsunami) from which Crete and the culture of the Serpent Mother Goddess never recovered.

Worship of the Serpent Mother Goddess on mainland Greece

Minoan Serpent Goddess of Crete

Snake Goddess of Minoan Crete

Regional centers for healing and goddess worship had long graced mainland Greece and islands off its southern shore. But these were soon overrun by the disapproving Priests of Apollo, a revolutionary new sun god who made short work of the Cult of the Snake.

In a bold act Apollo killed Python, a son of Gaia whom she had personally put on the Earth at Pythos to inhabit a piece of ground that was sacred to her and to act as guardian to the Priestesses of the Pythian Oracle.

With their protection gone, the Priests brought the Oracle and Her Priestesses under submission by changing their temple furnishings and ritual preparations. For instance, Apollo gifted the Oracle with a tripod upon which she should sit when rendering her prophecies.

Try to follow my logic here for a minute. If Isis is Goddess of the Throne (which she is) and the Serpent Mother Goddess was Isis, then Apollo changing the Oracle’s chair was a form of setting himself up as the Oracle’s Lord and Master. It’s the classic “reversing all the spells” thing that undoes an unwanted religion when a new god moves in.

By administering hallucinogens of their own design instead of the vapours that came up out of the ground that the Serpent was sent to guard, the Priests of Apollo forced the Oracle to speak for Apollo instead of Gaia.

The name of the site was changed from Pythos to Delphi (‘Dolphin’) after a form Apollo was known to take when traveling by water. And finally the name of the Pythian Oracle (named for Gaia’s Serpent Mother Goddess) was changed to the Delphic Oracle and the takeover was complete.

Matriarchal society takeover

The arch-rivalry of Zeus and Hera is introduced in The Iliad of Homer as both allegory and a version of History surrounding the politics of the pre-Greece Dark Age, a time in which there was no system of writing and no records because literally everything had been destroyed in a great war which threw the entire area into an age of darkness and chaos and the fighting hadn’t slowed down yet.

In the 10-year Battle for Troy, Zeus is the patron god of the Trojans while Hera champions the Greeks who are ultimately victorious.

The story of how Zeus tricked his sister Hera into marrying him to grab her lands and minions gives us some insight into what may have happened to Knossos as personified by her Great Lady who may allegorically have become Zeus’s bitter wife (his 4th or 5th3) and the first Goddess-Queen of Ancient Greece.

In Argos, her main Polis (place where she is worshiped) Hera is a beautiful and most beloved Mother Goddess. Note the proximity of Argos to Crete and Delphi on the map pictured above.

The tale of two serpents

There are three myth versions about how Asclepius acquired serpent power and learned the secrets of life and death. In one version he watched a live snake revive its dead mate by feeding it a healing herb. Something like that is happening here.

We’ve already seen how the legacy of the Serpent Mother Goddess was passed to the male side of the line who acquired it by Apollo’s killing of Gaia’s son Python and his Priests’ forcible taking of the Pythian Oracle.

In the birth story of Asclepius Apollo (the Sun god) reverses the ancient matriarchal tradition of the annual sacrifice of the ritual Tammuz or Dumuzi as he finds a reason to sacrifice Asclepius’s mother (subbing for the Moon goddess) whom he has chosen as consort but who rejects him.

Hence Apollo, God of Light, Civilization, Healing & Archery, kills Coronis and cuts from her dead body his unborn son (out of death, life — out of the darkness, into the light). Remember that Apollo, a Greek god who brings healing by shooting plague-tipped poison arrows, has gained Serpent Power by killing the Python and literally “possessing” the Oracle. These dichotomies and paradoxes of health, life and death he passes on to Asclepius though the myths will not say so. You just have to know it.

Having no interest in raising the child, Apollo sends his son off to be raised and mentored by the wise immortal Chiron who will teach Asclepius healing arts and the secrets of Life and Death. Later, one of the daughters of Chiron prophesies that Asclepius will be savior of the whole world and that his destiny will be renewed twice.

“Ocyrrhoë, the daughter of the Centaur Chiron, attempting to predict future events, tells her father the fate of the child Æsculapius, on which the Gods transform her into a mare. * * * She was not contented to learn her father’s arts only; but she sang the secrets of the Fates. Therefore, when she had conceived in her mind the prophetic transports, and grew warm with the God, whom she held confined within her breast, she beheld the infant, and she said, “Grow on, child, the giver of health to the whole world; the bodies of mortals shall often owe their own existence to thee. To thee will it be allowed to restore life when taken away; and daring to do that once against the will of the Gods, thou wilt be hindered by the bolts of thy grandsire from being able any more to grant that boon. And from a God thou shalt become a lifeless carcase; and a God again, who lately wast a carcase; and twice shalt thou renew thy destiny.” Ovid, Metamorphoses II, FABLE X, Ocyrrhoë. (Roman epic C1st B.C.E. to C1st A.D.)

According to my count, although Asclepius has already died twice (once as a mortal, once as a god when in the name of Jesus the Christians “killed off” worship of Asclepius along with all the rest of the Greek gods) his destiny had been renewed only once to that point. And that was when he was deified after Zeus killed him with a Thunderbolt.

Keeping track of these things is ultra-important.


Asclepius the semi-divine is cut from the pattern of Egyptian God of Healing Imhotep, a deified mortal known for his miraculous healing and medical science abilities (he could revive the dead). Strictly for purposes of the myth of Asclepius, the Greeks left all Imhotep’s other considerable qualities behind such as his mastery in the fields of astronomical science and stone masonry. Saviors don’t need those skills.

Asclepius and ‘daughter’ Hygeia, old Serpent Mother Goddess feeding the Serpent

Oddly, Asclepius is never pictured with his wife but is frequently pictured together with his first daughter “Hygeia” (Hygiene). Hygeia is a combination of the Serpent Mother Goddess of Crete (a form of Isis) and the Old European Goddess of Health.  She attends her father as his assistant and Serpent Handler. She has in a sense become his consort, formally reversing another of the traditions of matriarchal Crete.

Secretly, however, Hygiea is holding the space for the Serpent Goddess of Minoan Crete, the Great Mother Serpent Goddess, the Old European Great Goddess, Ishtar-Inanna and The Great Lady, Goddess of the Thrones of Egypt, Isis.

And they are all holding the space for us to see this.

This is the thread of the story that it is our honor and privilege to witness and participate in, helping Asclepius to breathe the Serpent Goddess back to life. It also serves as a modern demonstration of how Asclepius as the living snake4 is healing his dead mate with a healing herb, bringing the Serpent Mother Goddess of Healing and Wisdom back to life5 and our Constellation Ophiuchus into total and complete energetic balance at the fundamental male/fe-male level.

In actuality, it is by letting these stories work on us as they once did when teachings were handed down via oral tradition that we get to see how and why Ophiuchus, the 13th Zodiac Constellation, as a “Sign” that is not a Zodiac sign as such, is the center of the circle being the new 5th Element Ether (Spirit) which is the source of all the elements, and therefore by definition the perfect pre-duality form of God-Goddess as All That Is.

Contemplate the sheer Power of that for just a moment before we move on!

Christianity clears the whole slate – Ground Zero

To complete the story and bring us up to the present day we find that the Christians crusading for Christ comprised the next conquering army.

The grandeur that was Ancient Greece and Rome was spiritually gutted by mid-Seventh Century CE. The memes of the greatest of the Greek Gods and Goddesses were subsumed within the Christian pantheon whose bare essentials consisted of:

  • God the Father (Zeus, a God of War),
  • Jesus-God the Son (Asclepius the Greek Master Physician who had healed the sick, raised the dead, and answered prayers, often appearing to people in apparition form),
  • the Virgin Mary Mother of God (Isis) in purified human form but housing also the former Great Goddess,
  • the former Goddess of Nature, and Serpent-Mother Goddess of Minoan Crete absorbed by Mary Magdalene and Sophia – Wisdom (see The Pistis Sophia),
  • the Disciples of Jesus who may have taken their form from the Asclepiads, a new medical tradition begun by Asclepius through his sons and daughters who all went into the medical profession. Only the Asclepiads were licensed and authorized to practice. As physicians and priests they staffed the great healing complexes that dotted the continent and carried the practice of medicine to the common people of the New World. The healing arts of course had been originally learned in Egypt. Hippocrates, popularly considered to be the ‘father of medicine’ claimed he was a direct descendant of Podalirius, one of the sons of Asclepius and hence considered himself to be an Asclepiad.

From the Living Light of Constellation Ophiuchus to you on Equinox

Last year Isis cast a circle and squared it, consecrating the Earth in her circle around the Solar Star as Sacred Space. This year at the first Equinox the Serpent Mother Goddess Constellation Ophiuchus stands completely enclosed inside the Sacred Circle at Stonehenge, having entered from the South Gate.  If we pool our resources we can now work this Grid with Her using the New Planetary Caduceus.

For those not yet familiar with the USA’s primary connections to the planetary grid system at Stonehenge, here are three short segments from Secrets in Plain Sight, Art, Architecture & Urban Design by Scott Onstott so you can see just how elaborate a plan we have stumbled upon here today.

Washington D.C., New Jerusalem & Secret Goddess Worship


Astronomical Alignments at Washington D.C.

*Update 03/17/2012: In the process of writing Your Daily Ophiuchus Horoscopes for today I just noticed that during the week I was writing this article Asteroid Isis was in retrograde motion transiting Alpha Virgo, Spica. 



The Goddess of Freedom stands atop the Western-facing Front of the U.S. Capitol Building | Washington D.C.

The American Goddesses of Freedom Grid

In or around 1776 the USA, representing the “New World”, was officially added to the planetary network and energy grid by the Founding Fathers and those who assisted them.

As I was researching the sacred geometry of the planetary grid and the USA’s part in it I was shocked to discover the United States of America actually has goddesses! I’d like to share them with you now.

Charter documents including a Declaration of Independence were carefully authored by our Founding Fathers who by these presents gave birth to a nation conceived and dedicated to Spiritual principles. Forget for just a moment there was already a perfectly good spiritual nation living on this Continent.

The Charter documents which the common people of the 13 original Colonies voted to accept promised us Equality, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. The signatures of the Founding Fathers to these documents constituted their sacred covenant with the land and our future in the name of the God of their understanding. Our Destiny was to Free the World.

Let’s keep things real simple. We all know this Country has been built up on one long string of broken promises. But if the prophecy is true, that the USA’s destiny is to Free the World, then We the People need to make that happen because this Nation IS We the People — not the people who solicit our votes and then enact laws to remove our civil liberties without our knowledge and consent.

Who doesn’t have a friend or a relative who migrated to America, Land of Opportunity? Anyone who has people here — even Friends — owns Shares in the United States of America, Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. Owners of these shares know we OWN Wall Street.

So first let’s take the Founding Fathers at their Word — because the documents they signed are their Contract with us and with their God and with the Land.

Remember this when we get to reading the planetary placements for March Equinox 2012!!

Next, let’s forget all the dark propaganda that’s flooding the Internet these days speculating the USA was all part of an evil agenda spanning hundreds of thousands of years. Just forget that for right now, okay? It’s just going to get in the way.

In the meantime what we have to work with now thanks to people like Scott Onstott who selflessly work their @$$ off and then give it away because it benefits Humanity (exemplifying “Altruism” and setting an example of a New Economic System we like to call Free Energy) is a planetary grid system that is not only open for business but lies in the Public  Domain. We the People — not just U.S. Americans but all of us all over the world — paid for it all with blood, sweat and tears.

And now that we’re aware of this grid We the People must learn to make better use of it than our Forefathers did and current planetary administration is currently doing. March Equinox 2012 marks the beginning of that Mission–and you have become a vital part of it.

So let’s check our righteous anger at the Gate and let’s Harbor no grudges. There’s no place for any of that in Unconditional Love. Before we enter the Sacred Circle though we need to be sure it is also a Good Karma Zone.

So third and finally, let’s take a moment to consider whether we’re usurping before we proceed. Otherwise the Divine Masculine side of Ophiuchus is going to be uncomfortable and may hold itself in reserve since Asclepius was killed by the Thunderbolt of Zeus for trespassing on Hades’ domain. This is a formality we must always observe when we work with the Ophiuchus Divine Masculine. Just because others have trespassed doesn’t mean we are entitled to do the same in return. That will just turn us into a new generation of them.

Our authority to take action

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America

And to the republic for which it stands –

One nation under God, indivisible

With liberty and justice for All

The USA as far as we know is the only Country on the planet that was formed around a core set of spiritual, altruistic principles given to the world in writing signed by 56 Founding Fathers, 9 of whom were Freemasons, and whose citizens were asked to vote the country’s Constitution and Rights into the Law of the Land. These Laws are no longer being honored in this Country and We the People have not been asked to vote to change them.

Here is some information that all of a sudden becomes not only useful but vital. The USA’s Patron Goddess goes by many names: Liberty, Freedom, Columbia ~ and ultimately Isis.

We assemble at Stonehenge for March Equinox 2012

In the screen capture of March Equinox 2012 viewed from our default location at Stonehenge we see that for a change Ophiuchus is completely enclosed within the Sacred Circle instead of at Due East where it appeared at all 4 stations of the Calendar Cross in 2011 (both Equinoxes and Solstices).

Notice that the Serpent Holder is in alignment with Due South in Constellation Scorpius.

In the Native American lexicon the  South is “the place where Amaru, the serpent spirit, dwells and teaches healing and the spiritual powers of plants in the green place of reproduction and regeneration….”  (Earthsong Medicine Wheel Wisdom).

The appearance of Due South in Constellation Scorpius brings the Scorpion-Eagle Alchemy to mind.

Are you beginning to see how “in our face” the USA is on March Equinox 2012?

Also on the screen capture we see that a near-precise alignment exists between Due South and the newly discovered Exoplanet GJ1214b in Ophiuchus.

What the heck is going on here??

This alignment makes the recent publicity released on 02/21/2012 (interesting alignment of numbers) about this “new class of exoplanet” whose discovery was initially announced on December 16, 2009 even more extraordinary.

We’re not finished counting ‘coincidences’ quite yet. Notice that on December 16 the Sun is transiting Constellation Ophiuchus!

Toggling supercomputer terminals

Up until now I’ve been using Stonehenge, the Earth’s Main (we think) Supercomputer Terminal exclusively as the location for reading global events that are given to us with a UT time. However, new information received suggests we consider trying out one of the other terminals, at least for March Equinox 2012.

For those of you who have not read prior articles posted on Astronomologer, it turns out that the USA’s Celestial Rising Sign is–guess what? Constellation Ophiuchus.

This idea combined with the fact that one of the two most popular birth times given for the USA makes it a Scorpio Rising (Due South at Equinox falls in Constellation Scorpius–what a coincidence) insists we move this party to somewhere else along the line that connects Stonehenge to the USA — New York City or Washington D.C.

Ophiuchus as the USA’s Rising Sign

We have laid this material out in another post but here it is again so you don’t have to go looking for it.

Am I dreaming, or is there a coiled snake on that American Revolution flag?

There are multiple versions of the Astrological birth chart for the United States of America. None of them as far as I am aware shows the true sky view of it. In the true sky view, the USA is a Solar Gemini. If you don’t think that fits the USA better than the Tropical Cancer Astrology lens then you are kidding yourself. I’m sorry to be blunt but there it is.

The most cogent analysis of the birth times most commonly used is proffered by UK Astrologer Robert Currey in his article entitled Astrological Birth Chart for USA [Sibly].

In brief, it seems the events of 9/11/2001 generated so many interesting parallels that Astrologers around the world felt compelled to study it seriously against the backdrop of the USA’s Birth Chart. The next right question became which birth time to use?

Here are the two most popular and logical candidates for Birth Time USA based on an informed guesstimation as to when the Declaration of Independence (the second order of business for the day) was finally agreed upon and sent out for printing by the Second Continental Congress on July 4, 1776:

  1. Tropical Scorpio Rising – based on the Clock Tower time appearing on the $100 bill of 2:21 or 2:22 (which could have been a.m. or p.m. but was logically selected as p.m.)
  2. Tropical Sagittarius Rising – [Ebenezer Sibly, Astrologer (1751-1799)] a time of 5:10 p.m. used based on remarks made by Jefferson, John Adams and John Quincy Adams that the Declaration was signed “late in the afternoon” or “late in the day.”

Mr. Currey went on to list reasons why he favors the Sibly time. First on that list is that it “responds to key events” in the USA including most notably of course 9/11.

For the record, here are true sky views of both times.

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In either case, Ophiuchus appears to be the USA’s Due East Constellation and the Scorpion-Eagle Alchemy is pivotal. Libra is no safer a Rising Sign for the USA to have until the Scorpion nature of Humanity is Ascended. Until then, the fact that the Alpha and Beta Stars are still named for the Southern and Northern claws of the Ancient Giant Scorpion is significant in racial memory and only Evolution can resolve this unfortunate mental programming.

For all of these reasons (Due South in Scorpius with Ophiuchus, the ‘Rising Sign’ of the USA inside the Stonehenge Circle aligned on the Master Planners’ Planetary Grid with the USA) we are justified in moving the 2012 March Equinox party to Washington DC to watch in real time as the USA’s new Rising Sign ‘moves in.’ In fact my intention is to help that process along, and you are invited to join me on that Quest.

Coming to America

The alignments I’ve already seen that you will see in a few minutes suggest that we put on some music, sing and dance and get into the Spirit of Freedom. New Dwarf Planet Quaoar is in position to sing and dance new gods and goddesses into existence if we are. It’s up to us to do the footwork in the Third Dimension.

I’ll start with something stirring that is patriotic and if you can’t get behind this, find something that will move you and get your sound and light bodies undulating. Music is an important ingredient in today’s Light Working if you have signed on for this Mission.

Neil Diamond – Coming to America from The Jazz Singer 1980

Power Circles Native American Style

When the Europeans came to Turtle Island, the Native North American Peoples were the Earth Keepers here. Their name for God is Great Spirit, symbolized by the Eagle.

Let us take a moment out to honor all the Tribes that have lived on this planet in peace as reverent custodians of Earth and Sky before one by one each fell under the swords of conquerors.

Here is a mini-tutorial on the Medicine Circle and the 4 Directions. Today we will be consciously re-merging with our Red Brothers and Sisters, letting the blood we have spilled run together in our Hearts and Minds, making us true Blood Brothers and Sisters of the Soul and the Stars.

The Medicine Wheel

Many cultures observe sacred rituals in a circle. The sacred circle is a place for spirituality and harmony to be honored and Great Spirit and Mother Nature to be connected with.

The Medicine Wheel is what this sacred ceremony is called by the Native North American cultures of the Plains. The details of the Medicine Wheel sometimes vary from tribe to tribe but the basics are the same.

Medicine Wheels are typically divided into four main quadrants simulating the four cardinal directions of the Earth.

A Medicine Wheel is made up of three concentric circles. The outside rim has an opening in the south through which one enters the Circle. The next circle is wide enough for a person to comfortably walk around the circle, stopping to pray if desired.

Each quadrant has a face that opens to that cardinal direction and each is marked by a stone. The center circle is much smaller. A single person can fit inside of it. It is the most powerful place to be when inside the circle.

The wheel also has four spokes, each of which starts at the rim of the inner circle aligned and radiates to the rim of the second circle. The spokes point southeast, southwest, northwest, and northeast.

The Medicine Wheel is entered through the South entrance and a person walks clockwise in the outer circle inside the outer rim without stepping over the stones.

The stone in the East represents the direction of Sunrise, the beginning of a new day, the season of spring, a time of renewal. The quadrant color is associated with the color yellow of the rising sun.

Since the circular direction of a Medicine Wheel is clockwise, the Southern quadrant represents the next season, Summer. Summer is the time of warmth and is symbolized by the color red.

The West quadrant represents fall and is symbolized by dark colors, the blues and purples.

The last quadrant is the North, completing the four cycles in nature by representing winter, symbolized by the color white.

This information was shared with us by Elders Walter and Maria Linklater. Walter is an Anishnabe Elder practicing Nehiyaw traditions while on Treaty 6 land; Maria is a Nehiyaw Elder.

Info source: http://intraspec.ca/intro-medicine-wheel.pdf

Prayer to the 4 Directions

“To learn these ways, learn the wisdom of the directions.”

—Grandma Mary Uslick, Shuswap/Sto:lo, as told to Jacob near Sardis, BC.

Shared Medicine Wheel Wisdom

from Medicine Wheel Wisdom Earthsong Healing Circles

“To the East, the place of insight and rebirth, I send a prayer.

To the West, the place of death and wisdom, I send a voice.

To the North, the place of clarity and cleansing, I offer respect.

To the South, the place where Amaru, the serpent spirit, dwells and teaches healing and the spiritual powers of plants in the green place of reproduction and regeneration, I sing a song.

To the Four Winds, I cast my spirit, open my heart, release my soul, and surrender to my destiny.

Grant me the wisdom to understand the sacred in nature.”

—J.E.Williams, The Andean Codex, Adventures and Initiations Among The Peruvian Shamans.

Prepare to enter the Medicine Wheel from the South at Stonehenge

We arrive a little early so the Guardian at the Gate in the South can smudge us with White Sage for purification and Buffalo Grass for gratitude and blessings. Before we enter we leave a little cornmeal or tobacco offering to Gaia at the Stone by the entrance.

The forms of the spirit keepers differ from Tribe to Tribe, so we will keep our greetings simple.

The ceremony begins upon entering the outer Circle at the Southern entrance as each of us who has been called to participate stops briefly at the Stone in the South to greet and give thanks to the Spirit Keeper in the South, the Gate through which we have entered.

We begin walking the circle in the indicated direction – clockwise – until we come to the Stone in the West. We greet and give thanks to the Spirit Keeper in the West before continuing to the next Stone.

At the Stone in the North we greet the Spirit Keeper, give thanks, and ask the Elders for their support. We press on.

Next we arrive at the Stone in the East where we greet and give thanks to the Eagle, universally held as the Spirit Keeper in the East.

There is something remarkably different about the Eagle we’ve just greeted. It’s metal and perched on a sphere at the top of a flagpole. If it were daytime we would be seeing a flag waving over the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington DC. But it’s just after midnight.

Still facing Due East we look beyond the Eagle at the top of the flagpole knowing the stars of Constellation Ophiuchus are rising and that’s why we’re here–to be present as Ophiuchus is Rising in the USA on March Equinox 2012.

The stars of Ophiuchus are faint but in about 6 minutes Antares will rise and then we’ll have a fix on approximately where the outline of the Serpent Holder should be.

Inside the Circle the Sacred Ground beneath our feet is super-charging with particles transferred from the Center of our Milky Way Galaxy to the Sun and these particles are streaming out into our Solar System and down onto the Earth. This is our energy to work with.

Brothers and Sisters, those of us who are gathered here have assembled in a multi-dimensional Sacred Circle in which Constellation Ophiuchus is superimposed over the Earth at Stonehenge and Washington D.C. to do this Light Work on the Earth Mother’s Planetary Grid.

In preparing to walk the Grids today bring your Sound, Light, Ophiuchus Reiki and Planetary Acupuncture skills to the table. As you walk the Grid, if you find yourself somewhere else on the planet it’s okay. Go there and do what you feel called to do.

Remember the Scorpion-Serpent-Eagle Alchemy is PIVOTAL to the success of turning the United States of America from a Scorpion into an Eagle. If you can accept Antares as the Heart of the Southern Serpent of Light Wisdom you can use the New Planetary Caduceus. Without the second serpent, there is no New Planetary Caduceus design in the sky to work with. It’s that simple. Without that second snake you would be working with the same old energy that’s been keeping this planet down for hundreds of thousands of years. Change is hard.

By implementing the New Planetary Caduceus, the Planetary Grid will be in brand new synergistic alignment with the Celestial Sphere. Constellation Ophiuchus will bring its energy to the Grid System directly through the Queen of Heaven who Herself cast this Circle last year and who is now joined by Asclepius, God of Healing & Wisdom and the Twin Serpents that will wrap around the body of the Serpent Mother Goddess ISIS for the first time in 2,000 years,

  • fulfilling the “second renewal of destiny” prophecy Asclepius came here to complete and
  • reviving the Serpent Goddess his Soul Mate in the process.

How many people on the planet will ever learn of this magical event thousands of years in the making let alone be able to say someday that they took part in the process? You are taking a part in the process. Thank you for honoring your promise to be here, or if you just dropped in spontaneously, thank you for joining us and welcome!

Here are the alignments for those who like math and numbers.












Goddess of Soul Covenants & Relationships; Her alignment with Antares means an old Contract is being completed and new Relationship Covenants can be made. We should Vote YES on this if We the People want our health, happiness, freedom, civil liberties, and our planet back.
Antares (Alpha)






Conjunct with the Ascendant – Rises at 00:20:16 (in about 6 minutes).






In Astrology this would be called “Ophiuchus Rising”
Due East






Aligned with the North Zodiac Pole, Cat’s Eye Nebula and the Zodiac degree where the Sun will be on 12/21/2012
Cat’s Eye Nebula






Closest celestial object to the North Zodiac Pole
Rasalhague (Alpha)






The head of the Serpent Holder
Lesath (Upsilon)






Lesath and Shaula were the old stinger tail stars of the Scorpion. The scorpion’s stinger tail really only needed 1 star to mark it. But the forked tongue of the new Southern Serpent of Wisdom for the Serpent Holder needs and uses both. Don’t forget the head of the Southern Serpent also has a Crown, Corona Australis! Quaoar sings & dances new gods into existence. Here he is working with Scorpius, the new Southern Serpent of Wisdom (crowned).






Shaula (Lambda)






Alpha Ara






Aligns with all 4 main stars of Ara the Altar (Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta)
North Zodiac Pole






This is what creates planetary axial tilt.
December Solstice






Intersection of Galactic Plane with Ecliptic Plane


When you are finished, if you have invoked any beings that need to be blessed, released and returned to where they came from, don’t forget to do that.

Ladies, be ready with your Brooms to sweep up any debris that has been shaken loose. My women’s light work groups used to go out on clean-up missions a day or two afterwards that we liked to call our “Pac-Womyn” thing. But my women’s groups are not active anymore, so there’s nobody to go around afterwards and do that unless you want to volunteer for it.

If you do, let me know.

This is our Insignia

  1. Technically Ophiuchus is considered a single constellation in 3 parts including Serpens Caput (the serpent’s head) and Cauda (the serpent’s tail).
  2. If the Master Planners’ intention was to cede the Power of the Golden Phallus of Osiris to the Earth Mother or The Great Lady Isis, well, what can we say? I can’t see either Great Lady turning the Wand of Power down, can you? Not that the Goddess needs it. Two words: Immaculate Conception. Many species of life on Earth in Nature are capable of this feat including the Human fe-male and the Komodo Dragon. The scientific word for it is Parthenogenesis, a term that wouldn’t exist if there wasn’t a need for it.
  3. Zeus’s first wife was Metis, Themis, Mnmemosyne and Hera as his last wife. There were many other women with whom he had affairs. According to some mythstorians Artemis and Apollo’s mother Leto was Zeus’s 4th wife with Hera being the 5th and last.
  4. Greek God of Healing & Wisdom Asclepius was known to take form as a  Serpent when being transported for the opening of a new Temple or, as in the case of Ancient Rome 293 BCE for instance, when his services were being requested outside the political boundaries of Greece.
  5. Esoterically the Serpent is Sophia-Wisdom, Divine Feminine.

About Donna Provancher

I initiated my mysticism & occult path with a course in Astrology from the Rosicrucian Fellowship in 1970. In 1987 as I was preparing to become a professional Astrologer I bought a sky atlas for fun and found constellation Ophiuchus walking along the zodiac belt. I was shocked. I've dedicated myself to evolving Astrology for the New Age ever since then. Let those with the ears to hear, hear. Take what resonates. Leave the rest.