2012 Annular Solar Eclipse May 20 ~ Ophiuchus View

"The ring of fire:" Astrophotographer Dennis L. Mammana photographed this annular eclipse behind palm trees in January 1994. Credit: D. L. Mammana.

Two of my prize-winning life philosophies are If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it and Why reinvent the wheel?

It is in that spirit that we offer information on the upcoming Annular Solar Eclipse in all four flavors, one of which you will definitely only find right here because Astronomologer is for now the only place on the World Wide Web where you can partake of Ophiuchus centered Astronomy-based Astrology.

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May 20th’s Annular Eclipse of the Sun

The upcoming solar eclipse will be the best such event visible from the U.S. in decades — with a stunning annular ring observable from California to Texas.

September 22, 2006, annular eclipse  Michael Gill traveled from Birmingham, England, to Kourou, French Guiana, to witness an annular eclipse on September 22, 2006. This sequence shows (from left) the event’s second contact, midpoint, and third contact. Michael Gill

Eclipse-lovers haven’t experienced a “central” solar eclipse from U.S. soil in nearly two decades (1994, to be exact). But those of you out west will soon have a good chance of seeing one on May 20, 2012, when the path of an annular eclipse covers a wide swath from northern California to the Texas Panhandle.

May’s event is called an annularor “ring” eclipse because the Moon passes directly in front of the Sun but will cover only 88% of it. The undersize lunar disk results because the eclipse occurs just one day after the Moon reaches apogee, the most distant point in its orbit around Earth. So the black lunar silhouette will appear completely surrounded by the Sun’s disk from a generously wide path that’s at least 150 miles (240 km) across. Astronomers refer to this kind of incomplete lunar shadow as anantumbra.

May's annular eclipse of the Sun

The path of May’s annular eclipse stretches from China to the western United States. Red lines show the maximum percent of the Sun’s diameter covered, and black lines show when this occurs, for locations where a partial eclipse is visible. Click on the image for a larger version.

S&T illustration; source: F. Espenak

If you’re planning on photographing this special event, we invite you to submit your photos to the S&T Photo Gallery!

WARNING: Because the Sun’s disk won’t be completely covered, you’ll need to take careful precautions when attempting to view the ring or any phase of the partial eclipse. Looking at the Sun with your bare eyes, or with an inadequate filter, can permanently damage your vision.

There are several good ways to observe the Sun safely. You can view through special “eclipse shades” (not regular sunglasses) or a #13 or #14 rectangular arc-welder’s glass. You can set up your telescope or even tripod-mounted binoculars to project the Sun’s image onto a white card or other flat surface, and watch that. Special solar filters are also made to fit over the front of your telescope. Check out these safe-viewing options recommended by the editors of Sky & Telescope.

Different locations, different eclipse views Nearly all North America gets at least a partial eclipse on May 20th, with the Moon taking a big bite out of the Sun. The eclipse will still be in progress at sunset for much of the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Click image for larger view.

A Transpacific Eclipse

The event is first seen across Southeast Asia at dawn. The city of Guangzhou in southern China sits within the eclipse track, as do Tokyo, Osaka, and Yokohama in Japan, along with Hong Kong and Taipei. That’s 36 million people in those six cities alone! Weather permitting, easily more than 100 million early-risers in Asia could see this ring eclipse. Then the Moon’s shadow races 4,000 miles (7,000 km) eastward across the Pacific, narrowly missing Alaska’s Aleutian Islands before making landfall along the California-Oregon border. By then it’s already late afternoon locally.

Many towns in southwest Oregon (such as Medford), northern California (Eureka, Redding), central Nevada (Reno), southern Utah (St. George), northern Arizona (Flagstaff) and New Mexico (Albuquerque), and northern Texas (Lubbock) lie within the annular zone. Remember: the farther east you are along the track, the more important it becomes to find a clear western horizon. The table below shows a sampling of well-positioned cities and towns.

Circumstances for May 20th’s Annular Solar Eclipse
City Annular eclipse begins Annular eclipse ends Duration Sun’s altitude
Medford, OR 6:24:33 6:27:19 2m 46s 21°
Eureka, CA 6:25:50 6:29:50 3m 59s 21°
Redding, CA 6:26:21 6:30:56 4m 35s 20°
Reno, NV 6:28:32 6:32:58 4m 26s 17°
Grand Canyon, AZ 6:34:01 6:37:26 3m 17s 10°
St. George, UT 7:32:17 7:36:30 4m 13s 11°
Albuquerque, NM 7:33:39 7:38:05 4m 26s
Lubbock, TX 8:33:55 8:38:08 4m 13s


Sky & Telescope has compiled an list of predicted times for more than 40 places along the path (12-hour clock or 24-hour clock). This interactive Google map lets you zoom in on any point along the track.

Annular path across western U.S. May’s path of annularity extends from the coastline at the California-Oregon border to northwestern Texas. Shaded ovals give “snapshot” representations of the Moon’s antumbral shadow at approximately 5-minute intervals. Click here for a larger view of the entire U.S. path.

S&T illustration; source: F. Espenak

More than 30 U.S. national parks lie within or very near the path as well, and the National Parks Service is getting ready to host big crowds of expectant visitors. Here’s a list of public events.

Veteran eclipse-chasers sometimes debate whether it’s best to view an annular eclipse from the path’s centerline versus near its edge at the northern or southern limit. Centerline locations have the advantage of briefly showing the lunar disk precisely concentric with the Sun’s. However, edge-viewers enjoy an extended display of “Baily’s beads” — the momentary flashes of sunlight peeking through valleys along the lunar limb.

Similarly, observers in California have the advantage of seeing the Sun well up in a late-afternoon sky. That’s a definite plus if your western horizon is partially obstructed, and you’ll be able to watch the entire 2½-hour-long event — from the first little nibble of the lunar disk to the last. On the other hand, there’s no denying the dramatic possibilities farther east, say in eastern New Mexico, when the Sun-Moon encounter hangs just above the horizon’s sunset point.

Eclipse views for six U.S. citiesWeather permitting, most North Americans will see a dramatic partial solar eclipse on May 20th. Here’s the simulated view at mid-eclipse from six major U.S. cities. For Chicago and Dallas, maximum eclipse occurs at sunset. Sky & Telescope diagram / source: Stellarium

For those who can’t get to the path of annularity, most of North America will see at least a small bit taken out of the Sun that day — and many will enjoy a very deep partial eclipse.

For example, San Franciscans will see the Sun 84% covered at 6:33 p.m.; from Denver, it’s 79% at 7:30 p.m.; and those in Dallas will see 67% of the Sun missing as it slips below the western horizon. Click here for the predicted circumstances in Asia and Canada, and here for locations across the United States.

As for weather prospects, “May is not a good time to start an eclipse in Asia,” notes meteorologist Jay Anderson, “but it’s a very good time to end one in North America.” The monsoon season is under way in southeastern Asia by eclipse day, and statistically many locations along the path in southern China have an 80% chance of cloudy skies.

By contrast, late-spring weather is generally fair in California, and the start of monsoon season in the American Southwest will be weeks away. “This eclipse is tailor-made for U.S. observers,” Anderson concludes. For details, check out his comprehensive analysis.

Curiously, this late-spring event will be the first eclipse of 2012. Get details about other eclipses on this year’s calendar.

More maps, timetables, and other resources about the May 20th eclipse.


2012 Annular Solar Eclipse May 20-21 ~ Ophiuchus View

Since the Annular Eclipse is a planetary event we have selected the two most logical locations for observing and decoding the celestial messages coming in on the various Eclipse Time Points. The dates, times, and locations we’re going to be working with today are as follows:

  1. Start of partial eclipse: May 20, 22:15:40 UT – from Stonehenge, our customary location for Light Work when the event effects the whole planet and carries a Universal time signature
  2. Start of annular eclipse: May 20, 23:49:53 UT – from Stonehenge
  3. Maximum eclipse: May 20, 23:52:46 UT – 49.0943° N Latitude | 176.2775° E Longitude (To set a local time at the Point of Greatest Eclipse we used UT + 12)
  4. End of annular eclipse: May 20, 23:55:39 UT – from Stonehenge
  5. End of partial eclipse: May 21, 01:32:41 – from Stonehenge

The best way to picture the alignments I’m about to describe to you is to get into your own planetarium program and follow along with me.

Before we start I want to give you a heads up that this sequence may be a little confusing since in some cases both the uncorrected UT time and the time corrected for DST at Stonehenge yielded interesting contributory variations to the ongoing Eclipse storyline.

Fasten your seat belt if you want to stay grounded — take off your weighted shoes and push the anti-gravity button if you don’t — here we go.


1a.  Start of partial eclipse: May 20, 22:15:40 UT – Stonehenge

As the Moon, Sun and Earth begin to align at The Pleiades, Constellation Ursa Major is overhead at Stonehenge and the Zenith of the sky is conjunct with Alkaid, the tip of Bear’s great tail (also known as the Big Dipper).


The Pleiades (7 Sisters) in Constellation Taurus

In Esoteric Astrology, the Great Bear constellation is one of three celestial members of a triad that includes The Pleiades1 and makes up one of the Creative Hierarchies described by Alice Bailey and Djwhal Khul in Esoteric Astrology. In the Indigenous Native North American vernacular, according to the teachings I received, the Great Bear is Chief of the Spirit Keepers. She sits in the West. So the opening frame of the Eclipse sequence is super good news for Spiritual Beings.

The next alignment I’d like to point out does not appear in the screen capture below but it is worth noting that as the Eclipse begins, from our vantage point inside the Stonehenge Sacred Circle Venus is on the Northwest Horizon about to set in tandem with Alpha Canis Minor, Procyon. Both stars are scheduled to set at 22:17. This is our first sign that Magic is in the Air and that we need to keep an eye out for many such cosmic coincidences today. It is not for nothing that scientists and metaphysicians alike keep track of celestial and planetary alignments. Space and all that swims around in it — including Time — is a manifestation of Pure Consciousness.

In Figure 1a at right, we can see Constellation Sagittarius at the Ascendant of the Zodiac Circle2. Constellation Ophiuchus and Alpha Scorpius (Antares) are fully risen while only half of Constellation Scorpius is in the light of day.

At Due East we can see the Celestial Eagle Aquila’s Eastward Wingtip. Except for the star that marks that wingtip (Theta Aquila) the whole of the Celestial Eagle is risen.

If you have been following our posts on the Scorpion-Eagle Alchemy and the Eagle-Condor Prophecy then you know the significance of this alignment and can guess that these prophecies are in the process of being made manifest in our world as promised. And this Eclipse sequence is cosmic jet fuel being burned to impel us toward the completion of that human cause.

If you have not already astral traveled or remotely viewed your way over to join me at Stonehenge, feel free to do so. Position yourself somewhere inside the Circle at a place of your own choosing and face Due South. Slowly run your gaze along the horizon from Due South to Southwest to Due West. Just above the Horizon except for one coil that is still just rising, and spanning the entire South-to-West quadrant of the Stonehenge Circle at megalith-level, is Hydra the Dragon-Serpent.

Pause and remember 2012 is the Chinese Year of the Water Dragon. And here She is.

Not shown in the image above is the following significant alignment bringing powerful celestial energies into the Sacred Circle at Stonehenge, one of which adds extra sparks to the energetic role of the 13th Zodiac Constellation Ophiuchus:

  • Alpha Corona Borealis (Alphecca) the Northern Crown over the Head of Ophiuchus’s Northern Serpent at 222.4699° Ecliptic Longitude (see Fig. 1a.) aligned with Due South (see Fig. 1a).
  • Due South in Constellation Centaurus at 222.7601° Ecliptic Longitude  (see Fig. 1a.) Centaurus is the Galactic form of Chiron, foster father, master teacher and mentor to Greek God of Healing & Wisdom Asclepius.
  • Alpha Crux (Acrux) the Southern Cross at 222.0415° Ecliptic Longitude (too far south to make it into Fig. 1a.). This star rests on the Galactic Equator.

Regular Astronomologer readers will recall from prior posts that last year’s Eclipses and X-Class Solar Flares created the extraordinary alignments by which the Queen of Heaven Herself in complicity with the Earth Mother and the Great Mother Serpent Goddess of Ophiuchus circumscribed the Sacred Circle at Stonehenge for their use in orchestrating the events of 2012 to transpire according to Their Sacred Plan.

  • For a colorful recap of the last celestial event that transpired to set the Cosmic Earth up for the May 20, 2012 Annular Solar Eclipse see Ophiuchus & March Equinox 2012.

The vision of Ophiuchus fully risen inside the Stonehenge Circle shouldn’t surprise us in the least after all the events we’ve seen with cosmic connections to the 13th Zodiac Constellation just since January 2011. (Check our post archives for documentation of Ophiuchus-related events that go much farther back than January 2011).


1b.  Start of partial eclipse: May 20, 22:15:40 UT – Stonehenge, DST correction

To give you a feel for how the energy of the Eclipse phases morph and evolve the root energy, we’re going to explore the difference between uncorrected UT time and DST in effect for many of us in the Northern Hemisphere so you can get a sense of how confusing our governments have made it for us to keep track of what Time it is where you and I live when the logical thing to do is stop the insanity and all set our watches to the same Time (IMHO).

AAAAaaaaughhhh! Don't you just want to run screaming from the room??

Think about it. You folks in the Southern Hemisphere are in a totally different season and your clocks lost an hour while we in the North gained an hour. The net result of all of this is an extra two hours tacked on to the Time Zone differences that separate those of us in San Diego (GMT -8) from finding mutually convenient times to e-chat with our Ophiuchus friends in São Paulo, Brazil (GMT -3). When it’s summer in San Diego our time difference is 4 hours. In winter it’s 6. In the USA, not all of our states observe DST. Some locations on the planet have Time Zones computed in half-hour increments instead of whole hours. That’s crazy if you ask me!

I say it’s all just a part of the conspiracy on this planet to drive us all bonkers!

Somebody add a New Age Agenda Item abolishing these confusing and unnecessary conventions, will you please? Some people work at night, some people work during the day, some people nap, and the Internet never sleeps. So my vote is to use Coordinated Universal Time and the person you’re trying to do business with is either available or unavailable. Time and “business hours” have very little to do with anything these days.

Okay, back to Eclipse business. Thanks for listening to my little rant ;-).

Now we’ll check Daylight Saving Time at Stonehenge since the UK does use it. In the meantime, fooling around with views of the Eclipse with and without DST resulted in a mistake on my part as the “DST” computation I show below turns out to be an hour too early.

Because the view adds so much to the story I’m not going to edit it out. If nothing else it stands on its own merit as a learning exercise for Astronomology students out there. One of today’s lessons is: Don’t be too quick to trust the Instructor’s facts. Learn the logic and do your own math.

And so we see in the hour preceding our Time Point mark that the Zenith constellation has advanced into Canes Venatici (the Herdsman’s Dogs) with an alignment to Mizar, Zeta Ursa Major in the tail of the Great Bear. We are still connected to the Celestial Creative Hierarchy albeit indirectly.

With a side note to the effect that the Dog is an animal sacred to Asclepius due to its association in mythology with the Underworld.

Facing the South-to-West quadrant of the Sacred Circle from inside Stonehenge, the Chinese Water Dragon is no longer gliding on top of the Horizon but is all the way out of the water, riding wingless on a cushion of air at probably higher than megalith-level.

But the most significant view of the sky at this hour is on the other side of the Circle in the East and Southeast.

In Figure 1b above you can see the difference between the Horizon lines in the UT (Fig. 1a) and DST (Fig. 1b) screen captures is appreciable but each view says the same thing and the messages are both delivered with an amazing degree of body language precision. It blows me away every time I see how magnificently the Cosmic Clock keeps the Time.

In Fig. 1b:

  • Due East is in Aquila the Eagle
  • The Horizon running through Serpens Cauda, the tail of the Ophiuchus’s Northern Serpent
  • Ascendant in Constellation Ophiuchus (at 255.7999° Ecliptic Longitude) in the relative center of that part of the Constellation along Ecliptic Plane where the Sun makes its annual transit.
  • Due SE is practically on top of Alpha Scorpius, Antares (rising time for this star 22:15:21—hey where have I seen that number already? Check the screen capture legend. Another cosmic coincidence?)
  • Alpha Aquila (Altair) is due to rise at 22:17:51. This is the same time as Venus and Procyon will set together in the West.
  • Earth Shadow – Nadir of the Chart in Constellation Phoenix at 345.9862° aligned with Alpha Phoenix, Ankaa, at 345.6682°. That picture alone is worth 10,000 words.


2a.  Start of annular eclipse: May 20, 23:49:53 UT — Stonehenge

Now comes the start of a message to all Dragonkind living on or in any way interfacing with Earth or Earth’s life forms.

Even though the technical Zenith of the sky is Constellation Boötes, had constellation boundaries not been drawn in 1930 by the IAU this area of the sky would be free open space probably associated with Constellation Draconis since it is actually closer to the Zodiac Dragon than to Boötes. So pay heed all you Dragons and denizens of the Earth planet.

The Arcturian Time Tube is not only open as it has been for quite a while but beginning today there will be a lot more traffic in both directions as the prophesied good-evil displacement occurs in real Earth Time as planned. Light Beings are arriving. Dark Beings choosing not to go along with the new program and get along with everyone are leaving one way or another.

Earth citizens and ground crew will be able to feel the weight of the foot traffic trudging up and down the ramps today. We may even be able to feel or hear the sonic reverberations from the footfalls of beings of all sorts marching up and down, in, out and through the metallic Light tubing.

Here’s the alignment. All of these celestial objects are within 1° of each other.

  • Zenith: Boötes 203.5679° Ecliptic Longitude
  • Arcturus (Alpha Boötes) 204.4075° Ecliptic Longitude
  • Saturn retrograde in Virgo 203.7447° Ecliptic Longitude | 13h 31m 56.80s RA (these numbers should be meaningful to all of you The Law is for All folks on both sides of the conflict.
  • Spica (Alpha Virgo) 204.0143° Ecliptic Longitude | 13h 25m 50.86s RA (these numbers too should be meaningful because they mean some folks are being 86ed outa here! And to those folks, Adios and Good Luck. We mean that sincerely. And to those who took the third chapter of Liber AL to heart and acted it out to the max in bad faith, if you don’t know what A.C.’s function was, where his planets and stars were in the real sky at birth and death, and how the Queen of Heaven’s prophecy about his death was fulfilled, then you have been the willing victim of a cosmic disinformation campaign and missed the biggest Boat of Millions of Years ever.


3.  Maximum eclipse: May 20, 23:52:46 UT — on Location

  • GMT+12 = May 21, 10:52:46 local time
  • 49.0943° N Lat | 176.2775° E Lon
  • Duration of Annularity: 5m46.3s

Viewing the Maximum Eclipse on-location seems the next right thing to do since that’s where the real action is. We’ll add 12 hours to the UT time and see what the sky looks like behind the Eclipse from the geocentric latitude and longitude given to us by NASA. The duration of the Eclipse is nearly 6 minutes but we’re just going to look at the first minute.

The body language of the celestial sphere couldn’t be any better if we sat down and scripted it out. Here are some of the power details orthodox Tropical Astrologers will miss seeing either because their calculations could be as much as a full sign off and/or because their system doesn’t take account of the stars and the entire celestial sphere.

The Zenith of the sky from this view (see Fig. 3a above) is in Constellation Perseus the Hero or Rescuer. You can see from the screen capture what sector of the celestial sphere is most prominent and that the Zenith of the sky there is in tight alignment with both the Eclipsing Sun-Moon and The Pleiades. Pretty phenomenal, I’d say :-).

Due North in Constellation Boötes (not pictured — check it out in your planetarium program for extra credit) makes two significant alignments simultaneously as we create a triangulation using Ecliptic and Equatorial coordinates (examples of a triangulation appear below).

  • Due North 213.4325° Ecliptic | 15h 33m 58.72s RA
  • Alpha Corona Borealis (Alphecca) the Northern Crown over the head of Ophiuchus’s Northern Snake 15h 35m 12.64s RA
  • NGC5584 Purple Rose of Virgo 213.6035° Ecliptic (this object is aligned with the Ecliptic Longitude coordinate of the 11:11:11 Rose Stargate in Constellation Virgo).

Cat's Eye Nebula

The message of Fig. 3b begins with the Ascendant in Constellation Leo. The Constellation Leo Ascendant at the first moment of Greatest Eclipse is in Ecliptic alignment with Cat’s Eye Nebula in Constellation Draco.

Cat’s Eye Nebula is a cat whisker away from being right on top of the North Celestial (Zodiac) Pole. Students, check it out.

  • NGC6543 Cat’s Eye Nebula
    • Ecliptic Lon 153.8200° | Lat +89.8399°
    • Equatorial RA 17h 58m 33.06s | Declination +66°37’57.1″
  • North Celestial (Zodiac Axis) Pole
    • Equatorial RA 18h 00m 00.00s | Declination +66°33’44.3″
    • Ecliptic Lon 180.0000° | Lat +90.0000°

Remember, we’re in the Chinese Year of the Water Dragon. Space is metaphysically a form of Water.

  • Constellation Leo Ascendant 153.5617° Ecliptic Longitude
  • Cat’s Eye Nebula in Constellation Draco 153.8207°

Notice the alignment of Venus with Orion’s Belt. Remember the alignment of Orion’s Belt with the Great Pyramids at Giza, Egypt. Anyone familiar with Egyptian myths, beliefs and writings should have no trouble drawing a correlation between Hydra’s head and the head of Apep the dreaded enemy of RA rising in the East.

We have no trouble guessing that many folks who have set themselves up as solar phallic deities on this planet may be seeing a dreaded form of fear and terror rising in the East. This should serve as a great cosmic omen to those folks that their worst fears are about to manifest.

Solar Eclipses in the past were associated with dark omens of evil things to come. But here’s another life philosophy I’ve learned on my Earth Walk. One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure. And here is a classic example of that. As the world changes and Truth comes out, it is perfectly reasonable to surmise that the shoe is now on the other foot and those who have lived under this blanket of fear for thousands of years are the ones whom the dark and evil gods who created this system fear the most.

Our Light is blazing forth …

In Fig. 3c we see the Descendant. This represents the end of the message attached to the sky chart of the central phase of the Annular Eclipse at its local geographical location.

On the far horizon and not obscured by the Eclipse Shadow is the sign of the Age of Aquarius. The alignments the Sky Father is showing us now have to do with recent pivotal, total game-changer actions taken by our American Freedom Fighters who secured for the whole world a Rebirth Day for the USA of February 20, 2012.

This new-lease-on-life date synchronizes the USA celestially with both the Age of Aquarius and the birthday of the USA’s first elected President, General George Washington whose natal Sun in the true sky fell in Constellation Aquarius. Would such a forward-thinker and altruistic human soul ahead of his time be anything but an Aquarian?

These are the forces that are guiding us. And all of the forces that are prominent in the Annular Eclipse set are providing assurances to the Light Workers today that critical Time Points have been reached and New Age Agenda Items completed right on Time.


4a.  End of annular eclipse: May 20, 23:55:39 UT — Stonehenge

At the beginning of the annular eclipse (22:15:40 UT) the Zenith point at Stonehenge was 203.5679° Ecliptic Longitude, less than 1° from a perfect alignment with Arcturus, Saturn (retrograde), and Spica.

By the end of the annular eclipse (without DST time correction) the alignments have changed ever so slightly.

  • The Zenith point has moved to 205.4563°, again less than 1° from a perfect alignment with Arcturus, Saturn (retrograde), and Spica. The alignments perfected themselves “in the pocket” between the beginning and the end of the annular eclipse.
  • The Ascendant in Constellation Sagittarius (19h 49m 41.64s RA) is now aligned with Alpha Aquila (Altair), the Eye of the Eagle (19h 51m 22.79s RA). Note this alignment manifests using equatorial coordinates, proposing yet another argument in favor of using Astronomy to process Astrology figures3.
  • Due North in Constellation Perseus is in alignment with both The Pleiades and the just-Eclipsed Sun and the Moon (Fig. 4a).
  • The dragon-serpent is sliding along the circumference of the Sacred Circle, now below the Horizon line except for its tail at South-Southwest. Due West in Sextans is aligned with Alpha Hydra, Alphard though this star has long since set.

The Cosmic Design of this Eclipse is pretty darned neat. Anyone who is into the rhythm and meaning of numbers can take their clue from Due West in Sextans (the ancient mariner’s navigational tool) that this is the frame of the Eclipse sequence that holds the most meaningful data. This article offers only surface level information and tips to pique your interest. Students are on their own to broaden their horizons and work the extra frames for Extra Credit.


5a.  End of partial eclipse: May 21, 01:32:41 UT — Stonehenge

By the end of the Eclipse the New Planetary Caduceus will have been put effectively to work by Constellation Ophiuchus who has spent the entire Eclipse event inside the Sacred Circle at Stonehenge.

Observing the sky from the Sacred Circle at Stonehenge and not using the DST correction we find the Zenith of the Sky in Constellation Draco right next to the Head of the Zodiac Dragon.

Hmm. A closing message to Draconians from the Zodiac Dragon?

As you can see from the layout of the stars in Fig. 5a(1) at right, the Zenith makes an Ecliptic alignment to Alpha Scorpius, Antares and an Equatorial coordinates alignment to the old stinger tail stars of the scorpion which those of us using our Magical Minds to eradicate negative programs embedded in all systems affecting Humanity are transmuting into the forked tongue of the Southern Serpent of Light-Wisdom (at Due South).

Don’t forget this change also affects the entire Milky Way Galaxy since from the Earth view Scorpius is Galaxy Center’s 12th House Constellation. Do you think Milky Way civilizations want the threat of death hanging over their head all the time? Probably not. We can probably guess this is one reason why efforts to rid the Earth of all parasites, viruses and dis-eases has been redoubled and reinforced by beings from other galaxies and the Universe-at-Large.

It may also be one reason why Galaxy Center emits waves of Earth-changing energy designed to reach us at regularly timed intervals. Think about it. Maybe it’s a matter of self defense. Who knows?

The flip side of that coin simply says we’re evolving and where we’re going we don’t need a harbinger of death when the Serpent of Light Wisdom is so close at hand and the lofty Eagle is soaring over our heads. Who knows which storyline we’re being given is the one that applies in all cases?

Enter the new sign of healing and wisdom, Ophiuchus — controversial when reasonable minds should be embracing it with open hearts and hungry minds.

Due South in Fig. 5a(1) above happens to be also in perfect Ecliptic alignment with Alpha Ophiuchus, Rasalhague, the constellation activated to deal with death, health and wisdom.

  • Due South 262.2806° Ecliptic Longitude
  • Rasalhague 262.6217° Ecliptic Longitude

Speaking of controversy, is there anybody here who seriously believes Ophiuchus and the Milky Way Galaxy need anyone’s permission to heal and revive this planet and Her life forms using any and all means at their disposal–including a re-vamp of the Astrology Belt that everyone has been using for their seasonal celebrations for thousands of years–including the reptilians and draconians in their blood-lust rituals?

Yes. We’re all using the same stars to support our rituals. And the joke is, when we worship the same stars that are used to trick and violate us, we are empowering their evil devices unaware.

Think about that for just a minute before we move on.

Your thoughts and the use of your waking consciousness relative to these matters is being weighed and  measured right now in this moment. We are all Light Workers working on our common cause using the Light of this singularly unique Annular Solar Eclipse to turn the tide. It is probable that this level of the Great Work is the only level capable of transforming this planet and effecting the changes we’re waiting for others to carry out while we wait and watch our TV’s for signs of Truth and Disclosure.

What are the chances?

At the beginning of the year we talked a little about the role of Ophiuchus and the Chinese Water Dragon in 2012. The Draconis Zenith of this sky chart speaks to that dynamic.

On the other side of the celestial sphere (Fig. 5a(2) at right), Due North is stopped at a degree of Ecliptic Longitude that represents a celestial corridor or highway along which a number of alpha (and other) stars lie as follows:

  • Due North 082.2806° Constellation Auriga the Charioteer
  • Alpha Auriga (Capella) 082.0309°
  • Beta Taurus (Elnath) 082.7479°
  • Venus retrograde 083.3986°
  • Delta Orion (Mintaka) 082.5352° (Orion’s Belt star)
  • Epsilon Orion (Alnilam) 083.6367° (Orion’s Belt star)
  • Zeta Orion (Alnitak) 084.8543° (Orion’s Belt star)
  • Orion Nebula 083.1868°
  • Alpha Lepus, the Hare (Arneb) 081.5537°
  • Alpha Columba, the Dove (Phact) 082.3424°


5b.  End of partial eclipse: May 21, 01:32:41 UT — Stonehenge (final frame)

So are you ready for the Finale?

Here are some definitions and spiritual animal family relationships that we might find useful in the context of our evolving Zodiac Bestiary:

Dragon (t: 龍; s: 龙 – lóng) – male vigour, fertility, ultimate abundance, prosperity, good fortune also the symbol for the Emperor, divine mystical creature, symbol of the natural world, adaptability, transformation
dragon, pair of, placed together and turned away – eternity, yin – yang
dragon and phoenix – husband and wife, also symbol for Emperor and Empress, animal and bird kingdoms = entire natural world, Taoism
The (Azure) Dragon is one of the four spiritual creatures, it is guarding the East.
Five clawed dragons are a symbol of the Emperor, the Son of Heaven, and imperial family, dragons with fewer claws can adorn hanging fabrics, decorative textiles etc.
The dragon is one of the Twelve Symbols of Sovereignty and one of the animals of the Chinese Zodiac.

Peacock (孔雀 – kǒng què) – dignity, beauty, activate luck, fame, ‘the heavenlyphoenix on earth’

Phoenix (t: 鳳凰, s: 凤凰; fènghuánɡ) – virtue, duty, correct behaviour, humanity, reliability (the Five Human Qualities), strength, resilience, good fortune, opportunity, luck, considered to be the most important of the winged animals, yin energy of yin – yang

Phoenix and Dragon – wife and husband, signifies wedded bliss, also symbol for Empress and Emperor, bird and animal kingdoms = entire natural world, Taoism
phoenix, pair of, placed together and facing each other – eternity, yin – yang

Phoenix, the Red Bird of the South, is one of the four spiritual creatures, it is guarding the South. The pheasant-phoenix (華蟲) is one of the Twelve Symbols of Sovereignty.
see also: Five Elements Chart

Snake (蛇 – shé) – woman, supernatural power, cunning; the snake is one of the animals of the Chinese Zodiac

The DST view this time contains something useful, perhaps as a result of the New Planetary Caduceus having been utilized inside the Eclipse Time Window.

The North & South Towers

Starting where we left off in the last frame (at Due North), the DST coordinate for Due North is 070.1568° Ecliptic Longitude.

  • Due North 070.1568° in Constellation Perseus the Hero or Rescuer
  • Alpha Taurus (Aldebaran) 069.9622°

What is so intriguing about this alignment is that Alpha Taurus and Alpha Scorpius are almost exactly 180° (one-half of a 360° circle) in opposition to one another. I have always wondered about the cosmic coincidence of this location relationship. What are the odds it is by cosmic design?

This power alignment between the North and South Towers of the Stonehenge Sacred Circle sets the stage for us to decode the final frame of the sequence, closing out the Annular Eclipse event with a special body language message from Constellation Ophiuchus.

In Fig. 5b above right we see how neatly Due South is aligned with Alpha Scorpius (Antares); and how Upsilon and Lambda Scorpius (Lesath and Shaula) have popped up on the horizon just in time to enter into the Sacred Circle and participate in the banishing ritual part of the event’s closing moments, Shaula having risen at 1:28:43 and Lesath rising at 1:30:37. That’s pretty tight timing.

Let’s check how tight these alignments are. Remember, for all alignments to be within a certain range of being “exact” (if we can even calculate such a thing using our crude computer PC instrumentation), there is probably a single right time and geographical location that allows the right alignments to all fall magically into place.

  • Due South 250.1569° Ecliptic
  • Alpha Scorpius (Antares) 249.9353° Ecliptic
  • Omega Ophiuchus 249.8009° Ecliptic
  • Zeta Ophiuchus (Han) 249.4023° Ecliptic
  • Alpha Ophiuchus (Rasalhague) 17h 35m 30.49s RA
  • Lambda Scorpius (Shaula) 17h 34m 27.04s RA
  • Upsilon Scorpius (Lesath) 17h 31m 36.43s RA

That’s pretty darned tight for a bunch of random dots floating around in Time-Space, what do you think?

Let’s check the other two Towers before we return home from our Astral Journey to Stonehenge.

The East Tower

Rising at Due East now is Constellation Aquarius. Due East is inside the head of the stick figure of the Aquarius Water Carrier. What a great omen! And here’s another — Drake and Freedom Reigns would really get a charge out of this one:

  • Due East 22h 21m 39.15s RA
  • President General George Washington’s Natal Sun in Constellation Aquarius: 22h 21m 19.00s

Yes. It’s true. So that is the Spirit at the East Tower as the Eclipse closes out its transit of the United States of America. Anyone not following the Ophiuchus-USA story line is really missing out, eh?

The West Tower

The Constellation at Due West is Sextans but the Zodiac sign for all practical ritual purposes is Leo, which closes out this Sacred Circle with Fixed Signs on the angles — known as the Fixed Cross. At the corners of the Squared Circle are the Kerub signs Taurus the Bull, Leo the Lion, Scorpio the Scorpion and Aquarius the Man.

In the center we’ve added another animal to symbolically represent the Spirit presiding, Ophiuchus the Fifth Element (Aethyr).

For those of you not familiar with the three crosses in Astrology, here is an encapsulation of the basic significance.

  1. The Crisis of Incarnation –  The Mutable Cross (Gemini-Virgo-Sagittarius-Pisces)
    The Mounting of the Wheel – Personality and form life

    The Cycle of Rebirth in Form – Experience
    Manifestation of Manhood
  2. The Crisis of Reorientation – The Fixed Cross (Taurus-Leo-Scorpius-Aquarius)
    The Changing to the 2nd Cross – The life of the soul
    Preparation for the 2nd Birth – Consciousness
    Manifestation of Christhood
  3. The Crisis of Initiation – The Cardinal Cross (Aries-Cancer-Libra-Capricornus)
    The Transfiguration – The Life of the Spirit
    Manifestation of Divinity 

Don’t forget the imposition of Constellation Ophiuchus somewhat throws the Fixed Cross off! It may be ignored by Tropical Astrologers, but the energy field is building up at a very fast clip now and this surely does influence and ameliorate the detrimental effects of the Scorpion whether Tropical Astrology wants to dance with Ophiuchus or not.

Similarly, the use of Astronomy affects other signs that lie on the Zodiac Belt. Technically the Tower in the West as the Eclipse draws to a close is Sextans, the instrument by which ancient mariners navigated the open seas. Therefore the message of the moment has to do with the kind of skill it’s going to take to find our way through the celestial waters of life from this point forward and at least until the next status check (the next major celestial event to stop the Cosmic Clock).

Take a good look at the screen capture of Due West in Sextans (Fig. 5b(3) below).

One more minute closer to Due West being in the absolute center of the quadrangular constellation Sextans and the horizon would not have have sliced through Constellation Cancer as it has.

Notwithstanding the differences between constellations and Zodiac signs, observing the traditional animal power in the West as the Lion serves the purpose of this Celestial Operation of High Magick according to both the old customs and the new tradition simultaneously because the Ecliptic Degree of Due West brings an interesting alignment to life at this Tower and an over lighting power into the Sacred Circle.

  • Due West, Sextans at 157.2270° Ecliptic Longitude
  • Alpha Draco, Thuban (the last Epoch’s Pole Star) 157.6327° Ecliptic Longitude

Hence the Annular Solar Eclipse closes with Hydra playing the role of the 2012 Chinese Water Dragon and Draco bringing Planet Earth’s Zodiac (Space) Dragon into the Circle, both Dragon Clan Leaders having spoken to their own kind and to all of us all in a language that cannot possibly be misunderstood.

The Game Board is brand new as of February 20, 2012. Reconciliation, Renewal, Wisdom & Healing are the orders of the Day. Let the chips now fall where they may.

Edited to make DST corrections on 06/10/2012

  1. The triad of celestial objects that makes up the Fifth Creative Hierarchy along with the Seven Solar Systems are the Pleiades and Alpha Canis Major, Sirius. “It might here be appropriate if I interpolated a chart or a tabulation which maybe found suggestive of some of these interlocking energies which play through, traverse, return, stimulate and energize every part of our solar system. They only evoke conscious response where the vehicle of expression and of response is adequate to the impact, and this statement is true of the solar Logos, the planetary Logoi, and of all forms in all the kingdoms upon our planet. Unconscious reaction will of course exist, but it will be on a general or mass scale, and much of it pours through to us from these distant constellations, via the fifth Creative Hierarchy. This Hierarchy, being on the verge of liberation, is to be found on the intellectual level of consciousness and can, therefore, be used as a focal point and a transmitter of the higher energies to our solar system and to the planet.” Alice Bailey/Djwhal Khul Esoteric Astrology
  2. The Ascendant is where the horizon bisects the Ecliptic Plane
  3. In this report we’ve demonstrated the use of two coordinate sets. Each coordinate set represents a separate celestial grid, and there are four of them: Ecliptic, Equatorial, Horizon, and Galactic.

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