Penumbral Eclipse 11/28/2012: Ophiuchus at Stonehenge

Stonehenge triolith with the Altar Stone

Back again for the last Eclipse of 2012 after having been absent for the last two eclipses in a row, Constellation Ophiuchus stands invisible in the full light of day, its stars poised somewhere between Due South, the fallen Altar Stone and the restored Trilithon at the Southwestern end of the horseshoe-shaped Heart of the Sacred Circle at Stonehenge.

As regular readers know from previous Eclipse, Solstice and Equinox reports, over the last 2 years (except as mentioned above) Ophiuchus has consistently been in some sort of alignment relationship with one of the cardinal directions of the Holy Cross-Squared Circle at Stonehenge but…

Note to New Readers: If you begin to feel like you’ve arrived at the theater late and missed the first few minutes of the movie, you will find the metaphysical history of Ophiuchus on Startistics and prior Eclipse, Solstice and Equinox posts in the archives on Astronomologer

Please pass the popcorn. 😉

… when I didn’t find a clear alignment linking Due South to anything in Constellation Ophiuchus I began to search the Stonehenge circle feverishly for clues among the rubble and remains of the once-great stones, hoping to figure out the reason for the serpent holder’s puzzling Feng Shui mid-way between Due South and South-West.

Thus a mystical odyssey of remote Stonehenge exploration and more intimate connection with the massive stones and the circle itself was begun.

There is a point to all of this, I promise.

Stonehenge History in a Nutshell

Apparently Stonehenge was not a product of somebody just plopping the megaliths down, digging ditches and holes and that was that. Archaeology experts have determined the Sacred Circle dates back to around 8000 BCE with the rest of it having been developed slowly over time.

More than a half-dozen addition and alteration stages have enriched Stonehenge over the millennia, perhaps explaining why it has been so difficult to agree over why it was built and what its purpose and functions are.

It isn’t only the physical Stonehenge that has been continuously altered to reflect the spiritual anthropology of the peoples who have called the European continent home or made a pilgrimage along extensive trade routes linking sophisticated cultural centers to visit the best known if not the greatest and most powerful of all ancient megalithic circles.

Roman Empire Transport Routes c.125 CE | Click to enlarge

The Hearts and Minds of all who touch and have been touched by Stonehenge are energetically linked there. Imagine the number of groups and individuals who have worked intimately with the frequencies and vibrations of Living Light there over the millennia.

In our Ophiuchus-at-Stonehenge reports, for instance, we have been using Stonehenge as the Living Earth’s Supercomputer and Cosmic Looking Glass. As we project ourselves into the Circle we work with and add to the energy of Stonehenge too.

Past analyses of key events and their planetary alignments using Stonehenge as the location suggest Stonehenge was either designed with this use already in mind for it or it’s a cosmically lucky coincidence. Either way, it’s working.

So let’s peer into the Looking Glass and take a pre-12/21/2012 sound check to get a sense of what’s working and what needs attention after two eclipses without Ophiuchus taking a personal part in the proceedings and so many stones fallen down to the ground.

How does that happen, anyway? A mega-ton stone just falls down in a strong wind all by itself?

Stonehenge in Decline

* * * (Asterisk ellipsis means paragraph(s) omitted)

Some time after 1,000 BC, many of the stones in Stonehenge toppled over, not on one catastrophic day but occasionally year after year. Three fallen stone events have been witnessed in modern times since 1797. If this rate of collapse is extended back to 1,000 BC, then weather alone might suffice to explain the present degraded state of Stonehenge. Several of the tallest and heaviest stones were not seated deeply. Storms with strong gales and early spring freeze-thaw have powerful effects, and a great stone crashing into another produces additional damage.

However weather cannot tell the entire story. There is a long documented history in Wessex and elsewhere in Britain of the use of megalithic monument stones for building works, when a later culture has no ritual relationship to the older megalithic monument which was viewed only as a curiosity from a time long past. The great stone circle at Avebury is well known to have suffered this indignity through the ages. There is evidence that a forgotten Altar Stone at Stonehenge was carried away, perhaps early in the 19th century; and circumstantial historical information abounds that farmers carried away several avenue stones, two now stand in the main street of Berwick St. James. Stumps of several bluestones have been discovered in their sockets. A total of 29 bluestones have been removed from Stonehenge along with 31 sarsen stones and 22 of the sarsen lintels.

* * *

The Romans Damage Stonehenge, the Great Stone Circle Lives On …

‘Perception is reality’ is a timeless truism as is its application as a tactic in politics and war. There is important evidence that the Romans attributed great significance to Stonehenge and therefore labeled it a strategic target to be ruined and wrecked. The evidence is subtle but unmistakable and involves a fine grained analysis of the material filling the X and Z holes. At the bottom of these holes, the filling is bluestone chips from the dressing of these important stones, above which is almost pure soil. But from the middle layers to the top of these holes, the filling is a density of blue stone chips, that can only derive from a deliberate destruction of some bluestones. Furthermore fragments of Roman pottery are numerous in the top layers of these holes. Castleden concludes that these top layer deposits in the X and Y Holes derive from the Roman army breaking many of the blue stones when they ravaged Stonehenge, and then throwing pottery fragments into the holes to complete the fill.

* * *

While in once [sic] sense Stonehenge became frozen in time, it never died. Stonehenge still speaks with a mythic song that is only partially deciphered, still entrances us and sings to our soul.

Info Source: Stonehenge / History, Interpretation and Significance

Maybe we can use our 5th dimensional bodies to travel back in Time and bounce our new ideas off the stones before they fell down. There’s a thought! 😉

Ophiuchus Feng Shui during the 11/28/2012 Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

Feng Shui

The Chinese art or practice of positioning objects, especially graves, buildings, and furniture, based on a belief in patterns of yin and yang and the flow of chi that have positive and negative effects.

View of Stonehenge circle from the Southwest

The following info snippets and images are focused on the area of Stonehenge in which Ophiuchus stands Archaeo-astronomically at the moment of Greatest Eclipse and are designed to give you a feel for what may be going on there on the occasion of the upcoming Penumbral Lunar Eclipse.

If you’re not interested in this brief look backwards in time, just skip ahead to the Astronomology section.


Archaeoastronomy maps where the body language of earth and sky share correlations where exploring the ground components is like zooming in on a specific celestial energy field (and vice versa).

Excerpt from “Henge Monuments c. 3000 BC – c. 1500 BC”

Click to Enlarge

The whole monument is aligned on the axis of the midsummer sunrise and midwinter sunset. The tendency is to assume that it was the midsummer sunrise, as seen looking out from the centre of the stone settings down the Avenue (at the time Stonehenge was built, the sun would have risen just to the west of the Heel Stone), that was the main point of this alignment.

It may be, however, that the midwinter sunset (the sun would have set between the uprights of the Great Trilithon), at the opposite end of the axis, was, at least, equally significant.

* * *

Placed within the oval/horseshoe, near the south-western end – at the heart of the monument – was the, so-called, Altar Stone: a, dressed, greenish sandstone block, some 6 tons in weight, of Welsh origin.

The Altar Stone is recumbent today, and broken in two, pinned down by stones from the collapsed Great Trilithon. Opinion is divided over whether it was originally set upright or not.

The Altar Stone (bound to be a significant landmark during the Eclipse) is thought to have originally been a standing monolith measuring about 2 metres tall. Experts in the field question whether it was originally intended or used as an altar.

So it would seem the stars of Ophiuchus are connecting themselves with the Trilithon that marks the midwinter sunset (definitely a 12/21/2012 thing) and the Altar.

The Altar Stone is in near proximity to where Constellation Ara the Altar is in our celestial field of view (see screen capture in the Astronomology section below). The Altar’s Feng Shui is probably all we really care about for its purposes today.

Archaeologists believe the Altar Stone was brought to the site before the surrounding sarsen stones about 2600 BCE so that dates its use as roughly in the time of the Early Bronze Age, the age that featured the Minoan Civilization, the heyday of the Minoan Serpent Mother Goddess who figures so prominently in the underpinnings of Constellation Ophiuchus though Her entitlement to bear the label “serpent holder” has been veiled for thousands of years.

Archaeological research and restoration

Stonehenge 1877

Throughout recorded history Stonehenge and its surrounding monuments have attracted attention from antiquarians and archaeologists. John Aubrey was one of the first to examine the site with a scientific eye in 1666, and recorded in his plan of the monument the pits that now bear his name. William Stukeley continued Aubrey’s work in the early 18th century, but took an interest in the surrounding monuments as well, identifying (somewhat incorrectly) the Cursus1 and the Avenue.2 He also began the excavation of many of the barrows3 in the area, and it was his interpretation of the landscape that associated it with the Druids. Stukeley was so fascinated with Druids that he originally named Disc Barrows as Druids’ Barrows.

The most accurate early plan of Stonehenge was that made by Bath architect John Wood in 1740. His original annotated survey has recently been computer redrawn and published. Importantly Wood’s plan was made before the collapse of the southwest trilithon, which fell in 1797 and was restored in 1958.

John Wood, the Elder, (1704 – 23 May 1754, Bath), was an English architect, working mainly in Bath. In 1740 he surveyed Stonehenge and the Stanton Drew stone circles. He later wrote extensively about Bladud and Neo-Druidism. Because of some of his designs he is also thought to have been involved in the early years of Freemasonry.

The monument from a similar angle in 2008 showing the extent of reconstruction

Info Source: Wikipedia

The Astronomology of Ophiuchus & the Penumbral Eclipse

Okay. We’ve just finished remotely visiting Stonehenge and letting our minds wander over the grounds and the stones. We’ve even traveled backwards in Time to connect with the contributing architects and stone masons of ages past along with the generations of peoples who have visited Stonehenge for reasons of their own, both Light and Dark.

We explored the general vicinity of the Sacred Circle that connects with the location of the sky components we’re most interested in. Our next move is to explore the celestial sphere for more connecting elements so we can discern what the body language of the sky is suggesting to us at this moment of Time in the Present, starting with the nature of the event we’re seeking to read into.

The Eclipse

A Penumbral Eclipse is generally not as dramatic as a total eclipse but it is no less magical or meaningful as we shall see.

What is a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse?

As the Earth blocks the light of the Sun and casts a shadow, there are two types of shadow zones: the Umbra (the dark center of the shadow) and the Penumbra (the lighter edges of the shadow). On a Penumbral Eclipse the Moon passes through Earth’s Penumbral shadow. These events are of only academic interest because they are subtle and hard to observe. See November 28, 2012 Penumbral Lunar Eclipse –

The Penumbral Lunar Eclipse of 11/28/2012 occurs during daylight hours in the UK. Hence it will not be visible from Stonehenge.

The Earth & the Moon

Checking what sign the Earth Shadow is in at the moment of Greatest Eclipse from Stonehenge we find it’s in Constellation Carina, the Keel of the great ship Argo Navis. This constellation resonates with the Greek element of the quintessential Ophiuchus energy field, God of Healing & Wisdom Asclepius. The Argo Navis was of course the ship of Jason & the Argonauts, another Greek Myth.

Wait a minute. If that’s where the Earth’s shadow is during the Penumbral (Earth Shadow) Lunar Eclipse, then the Moon must be somewhere in that neighborhood too, don’t you think? Hmm. I thought it was in Constellation Taurus.

In point of fact, while the Moon may appear to be transiting Constellation Taurus from Earth’s perspective, from the viewpoint of the Moon4, its starry backdrop is actually Constellation Carina, the Keel of the mythical ship Argo Navis sailing along the Galactic Plane on its way out of the Milky Way Galaxy, headed for deep space.

Click to Enlarge

Here’s a little-known Ophiuchus Fact. Asclepius is said to have sailed with Jason and the Argonauts in the Heroic quest  for the Golden Fleece. This fact classifies Asclepius as a Hero and turns the Moon’s location in the Keel of the ship into a power symbol that adds much-needed context to our storyline-in-the-making. If not for that, we wouldn’t have any clues at all as to what role in the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Ophiuchus might be playing.

Here’s another Heroic cosmic coincidence for us to ponder:

  • Galactic Longitude of the Moon in Constellation Carina, the Keel – 261.0217°
  • Ecliptic Longitude of
    • Theta Ophiuchus (the serpent holder’s Easternmost foot or knee star) – 261.5752°
    • Rasalhague (Alpha Ophiuchus) – 262.6290°

We’ll use these facts to suggest to us that from the Moon’s lens perspective we’re going on a great Galactic adventure. Asclepius is on board as Divine Physician and in some Galactic capacity we can only guess at — Galactic Medical Board Counselor perhaps. And the Moon at the keel of the ship describes her capacity aptly.

Keel – Nautical

a. The principal structural member of a ship, running lengthwise along the center line from bow to stern, to which the frames are attached.

b. A ship.

Open Cluster IC2606 | Southern Pleiades, Constellation Carina (The Keel of Argo Navis)

In other words, the Moon’s body language in space is telling us she is a connective element to which the other component parts of the story of a Great Adventure are connected.

I don’t think anyone here would even be tempted to argue that point. The Moon is indeed, by definition, the principal structural member of this Penumbral Lunar Eclipse ship and the vital connective, framing element of our Cosmic Earth journey. So let’s expand on that word picture.

This may be a bit of a stretch but some time ago in my celestial sphere meanderings I ran across Open Cluster IC 2602, the Southern Pleiades and just now remembered this object is located in Constellation Carina.

On the wild cosmic chance that IC 2602 is named The Southern Pleiades because it’s something like a Summer Home to the Pleiadeans in Taurus, I thought I’d plot it for us (see sky map below) to see what it may add to our storyline.

(Or just for fun. ;-))

Certainly any celestial sea voyage having to do with planetary or galactic Heroics must include the Pleiadeans, our Ancient Ancestors and Elder Race. If nothing else this thought helps Co-create power, protection and a degree of confidence in our ultimate success for which I’m sure no one here wants to hesitate to reach. (Is it me, or does the shape of the Southern Pleiades look like a 3-fingers-and-a-thumb open Hand?)

So let’s go ahead and bring the Pleiadeans on board.

As a matter of fact, the Pleiadeans will likely have boarded the Argo Navis before we even knew this Adventure Cruise was on the Calendar. Not that they need to wait for a planetary alignment but by another cosmic coincidence, the Taurus Moon aligns with M45 The Pleiades in the early morning hours prior to the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. The Moon will be or would have been high in the sky and fully visible from Stonehenge during its alignment with The Pleiades.

Setting Sail

So here we all are now, one big happy family. We’re standing on the deck of Argo Navis, traveling with the Galactic wind in our sails as we navigate the celestial river that is the Milky Way. The prow of the ship is pointed towards open celestial waters. Destination: unknown. Galaxy Center is behind us. The Moon’s heading according to Canopus (Alpha Carina, the Keel) is 105.1382°, taking us past Sirius, the Star of Isis (Alpha Canis Major) at 104.2612°.

Nearing the edge of the Galaxy already we can see the Exit sign in the distance lit up by the stars of Orion’s Belt.5 Orion’s upraised club-bearing arm points the way to the intersection of the Galactic Plane with Earth’s Ecliptic Plane where Orion, Taurus and Gemini meet.6 The signs read:

Now Leaving Milky Way Galaxy.

Thank you for picking up your own trash.

Have a Nice Day-Night-Span of Time.

and the Gemini Twins wave bye 🙂 bye 😉

Hmm. Is somebody going somewhere? Leaving us so soon? Well, it’s not me. But we are definitely going to monitor this cruise for a while and see if we can figure out who’s leaving us and why. But in the meantime, let’s get back to our gripping tale of Adventure on the Penumbral Moon …

The Earth & the Sun

Back on board the ship now, we take a last look back at the Solar System’s mellow yellow Star “Sol”. It’s not huge. It’s not bright. It’s not the Alpha Star of any constellation we ever heard of, but it’s Home. As we lift our eyes in appreciation for the gifts of this beautiful Star we notice our ship is in the half-light, passing through the shoulder of the Earth’s shadow as Gaia leans forward to give Sol a kiss (she applies to a conjunction with the Sun) against a backdrop of stars that looks very familiar — it’s Constellation Scorpius.

Of course. It makes perfect sense. If the Sun, Earth and Moon are in alignment and the Earth is the one in the middle, then both the Sun and Earth from the Moon’s perspective are in Constellation Scorpius today. And the Earth’s half-shadow falling across the Moon makes a convenient dimly-lit pathway and channel for departing entities who are finding they have reached the tipping point and can no longer tolerate the brighter higher vibrations of Light we’re Co-Creating on the Earth.

Wow. Seen from this perspective I’d say there is some powerful Celestial Alchemy afoot. What do you think?

This may explain why I’m waxing so poetic in this post. Perhaps the Scorpion-Eagle Alchemy has raised the vibrations of Scorpius to the point where the malevolence element formerly finding its home here is suddenly in an untenable situation and taking the open doorway provided by the alignment of Earth, Moon and Sun that is providing a half-light Emergency Exit out of this Galaxy.

Food for thought. We’ll have to chew on this a bit.

Today’s Penumbral Eclipse is throwing a very subtle but powerful light on matters of great significance. Those of us who feel so called will contribute their energetic input today into the Alchemical process that will influence the New Earth Systems to operate as we would have them do, further adjusting and raising the frequencies and resonance responses of the Great Circle at Stonehenge, a facility that has since at least 8000 BCE hosted consecrations and ceremonies for both the Forces of Light and the Forces of Darkness!

Ophiuchus in the Great Stone Circle

Inside Stonehenge circle looking SSW | Click to Enlarge

At right is a Google Earth photo of the serpent holder’s view as (s)he faces South-Southwest from inside the circle at Stonehenge near the fallen (key concept) Altar Stone.

From our identification of the props in the sky with the landmarks on the ground we’ve already been able to craft a mental image of the serpent holder taking up a position inside the Stonehenge Sacred Circle near the fallen Altar Stone and Trilithon.

What we don’t know for sure yet is what exactly (s)he is doing there although signs all point to the Divine Masculine form of Ophiuchus being in the driver’s seat today.

What we know about the Serpent Holder energy is that Greek mythology paints a picture of Asclepius as a divine physician and world savior whose final act (world salvation) was preempted by the intervention of the Christian movement when Asclepius was replaced by Jesus. This interruption of Asclepius’s destiny was foreseen (although not in detail) by Ocyrrhoë, a daughter of the Centaur Chiron who delivered a prophecy concerning the fate of Æsculapius (note the Roman spelling of the name–this is the key that connects the Greek Asclepius with Jesus and Rome) as recorded in Ovid’s Metamorphoses.

In a shocking discovery we found that Constellation Ophiuchus veils the mythos of the Divine Feminine in her most secret and sacred form as Sophia, Wisdom, the Great Serpent Mother Goddess, the Ancient of Days as the Serpent of Light Wisdom.

We also learned that as Elemental Ether Ophiuchus is the undifferentiated Mother-Father God-Goddess energy and that the Constellation is in the Zodiac Dragon and Scorpion sector of the Celestial Sphere.

So which way do we intend to take this planet? Up or down? It is our choice to make even though the planet will inevitably go Her own way in accord with the Galactic and Universal Plan for Her — and She will navigate her Path with or without us. Either way, we have choices.

And speaking of Free Will Choice, about a ka-zillion souls on this planet have been railroaded into disappointment and totally violated over the millennia. So who among the Dark Souls can complain if their Free Will Choice scenario doesn’t quite go as they planned? Shades of Karmic Retribution. Maybe it’s their turn to be disappointed.

It does begin to appear from the judicious interpretation of the clear signs we’ve been given so far that an opening is being co-created for a boat load of souls to (willingly?) depart this Galaxy on the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse event of 28 November 2012 CE.

I say “willingly” because I haven’t detected any signs of the Karma Police being on board :::now I’m looking around::: have you?

Oops. Maybe.

Karma Police Respond to Deadline Set by Cosmos












The Lord of the Underworld recently demoted (2006) has experienced a decrease in power on this planet whether Astrologers want to see it that way or not. It’s a fact.






The declination of Antares is -26°27’34.4”; Mars as the planetary ruler can take a full 2° separation and still be considered parallel to Antares.
Uranus Rx






Uranus Rx is square to both Mars and Pluto; Pisces is the sign of hospitals and institutions (incarceration). If he is a Liberator when Direct, then what is he when Retrograde? Hm? Karma Police (Ruler of Aquarius)






Lord of Karma (who incidentally is occultly feminine according to the Kabbalah and other metaphysical indicators.) Ruler of Capricorn Business & Government and Co-ruler of Aquarius, Saturn is in Equatorial alignment with Arcturus.





Alpha Boötes

The Arcturians are Masters of Time and actively assist the Earth in Her Ascension processes. Here they facilitate time travel transportation of an undesirable element from off the Earth’s surface. There are people now sitting in chairs but the indwelling consciousness is a walk-in replacement.

* * *

Perhaps Asclepius, God of Healing & Wisdom is on board the Argo Navis to see who can be saved and who needs to be blessed and released. Looks like these entities are being escorted all the way out of the Galaxy in a quarantined ship. More than that the signs do not tell us at this time.

We are left to presume this is a One-Way Ticket ride.

Would we like to believe this interpretation of the Messages of the Stars is true? Here’s an interpretation of what kind of energy was afoot on November 16th, a suggestion to readers about what to do with the energy, and a Spaceweather Update dated November 17th demonstrating the physical plane effects of the cosmic cause described. If you haven’t already seen this, take a look at it and decide for yourself. Is it real? Or is it Memorex?

Ophiuchus Body Language ~ Celestial Alchemy in Action

With no alignments between the stars of Constellation Ophiuchus and the Stations of the Holy Cross (the Cardinal Directions) we were initially at a loss to to explain whether Ophiuchus is just standing randomly inside the Sacred Circle or whether there is a point to his/her being placed “between directions” by the Grand Master Architect of the Cosmos.

As we consider the figure of the Divine Master Healer bracketed there between Due South and Southwest, our focus in due time is drawn to the Due South marker and we look for a body language clue as to what (s)he is doing there.

It’s then that we notice Due South in the Southern Crown constellation over the head of the new Southern Serpent of Light Wisdom (Scorpius) with its forked tongue engaged in lively “off the record” conversation (outside the Sacred Circle) with the Milky Way Galaxy Center while the Sun’s alignment at the other end of Constellation Scorpius engages the stars of the Hand of Ophiuchus that support the Great Serpent of Epidaurus — Constellation Serpens Caput — in its reach for the Northern Crown.

I don’t suppose I need to say it but I will. These are sure signs of Scorpion-Eagle Alchemy in action.

We notice the Altar in the Sky is outside the Stonehenge Circle. But that’s okay. According to the experts we’re not sure the fallen Altar Stone was ever used as an Altar anyway. Or it could be a metaphor for the idea that the Altar has most effectively and successfully been used by the Dark Side. So we just take the hint and say okay. The Altar constellation falling outside the Stonehenge Circle is not a cosmic deal-breaker.

For one thing, the constellation is way too far south of the Ecliptic to ever find its way inside the Stonehenge Celestial Circle anyway. We’ll just use it as a handy directional reference point (bracketed with Ophiuchus somewhere between Due South and the stones in the Southwest) and body language cue that the Altar Stone is somehow involved in whatever rituals may be going on inside or outside the circle. And perhaps Ophiuchus at the fallen Altar Stone is engaged in redeeming and restoring its proprietary use to the Forces of Light.

Let us put all of our Hopes & Dreams energy into this visualization to manifest this result!

What Role are You Playing in All of This?

Here is the tabulation of high profile planet, asteroid and star locations for those of you with Astronomology Profiles or self-compiled lists of your natal planetary and angular placements.

Just the fact that you’re reading this post means you’re concretizing your Earth-Sky connections and activating your Celestial DNA to help facilitate the visions you’ve been given — not necessarily those offered here but by your own Guides.

You can amplify the energy in play by participating proactively in the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in some fashion. Joining in the guided Adventure at Stonehenge and on the Celestial Ship Argo Navis would be one way of participating. Or you can perform any meditation, ritual or dance of your own choosing. It all plays.






Yed Prior





Delta Ophiuchus

Sun in equatorial alignment with Delta and Epsilon Ophiuchus, the hand of Ophiuchus that holds the head end of the Great Serpent of Epidaurus as it reaches for Corona Borealis, the Northern Crown. Read this as “the Hand of the God of Healing & Wisdom. Asclepius is playing the lead Ophiuchus role today.
Yed Posterior





Epsilon Ophiuchus







Asteroid Juno





Serpens Cauda

A 3-way alignment between Asteroid Juno, Goddess of Covenant Relationships, Alpha Ophiuchus (Rasalhague), and Minor Planet Quaoar (Singing and dancing new gods/goddesses into being). There is a new god-goddess being brought into existence (there could be more than one).





Alpha Ophiuchus






Serpens Cauda






Upsilon Scorpius

Although these stars have already set in the South-Southwest, they are all in Equatorial alignment with Rasalhague, Alpha Ophiuchus, Quaoar and Asteroid Juno. Alpha Ara is aligned with the Beta, Gamma and Delta stars of the constellation, bringing the entire Altar into play.





Lambda Scorpius

Main Altar Stone





Alpha Ara

Due South





Corona Australis

Due South at Stonehenge in double alignment (Ecliptic and Equatorial) with V686, a star in the Southern Crown (Corona Australis). This crown is “over the head” of what would be the new Southern Serpent of Light-Wisdom (Constellation Scorpius redrawn as serpentine per prophecies).





Corona Australis







Zenith of the Sky is in Ecliptic alignment with Altair, the Eye of the Celestial Eagle. Great Spirit has its eye on all Earth-and-Sky proceedings inside the Stonehenge Circle today.
Zenith of the Sky






* * *

You are now re-entering the Milky Way Galaxy, Solar System, and Earth Space.

Thank you for flying Ophiuchus Airspace. And have a Nice Day!


  1. Cursus (plural ‘cursūs’ or ‘cursuses’) was a name given by early British archaeologists such as William Stukeley to the large parallel lengths of banks with external ditches which they thought were early Roman athletic courses, hence the Latin name cursus, meaning “course”. Cursus monuments are now understood to be Neolithic structures and represent some of the oldest prehistoric monumental structures of the British Isles; cursus may have been of ceremonial function. Info Source: Wikipedia
  2. Stonehenge Avenue is an ancient avenue marked as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Discovered in the 18th century, it measures nearly 3 kilometers, connecting Stonehenge with the River Avon. It was built during the Stonehenge 3 period of 2600 to 1700 BCE. The avenue is aligned with the sunrise of the summer solstice, suggesting a time of most frequent use. At the end of the Avenue, a similar ring of bluestones, Bluestonehenge, was discovered in 2009. Info source: Wikipedia
  3. Barrows: mounds are known as “barrows” although they do not contain burials. Info source: Wikipedia
  4. If you’re seeking to duplicate this result in your planetarium program, first set Stonehenge as your Location and then change the View From option from Location to the Moon.
  5. The Solar System is located in the Orion-Perseus arm of the Milky Way Galaxy.
  6. By the way, for future reference, when the Sun reaches this point we call it Summer Solstice.

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