05-25-2013 Penumbral Lunar Eclipse & Saros Series #150


The penumbral lunar eclipse of May 25, 2013 will be virtually imperceptible due to the fact that the Moon will barely graze the Earth’s penumbral shadow. But despite its low profile nature this Eclipse is powerful. It marks the beginning of Saros Series 150.1

Before we consider the cosmic and occult implications of this event, let’s get the science element out of the way and define our Astronomical terms.

Definition of SAROS SERIES

I searched long and hard for a definition of the Saros Series for dummies because I couldn’t quite picture it myself from the highly technical explanations on Wikipedia and at NASA. This is about as simple as I can make it for you. If you can’t picture it from this, you’re on your own. 😉

  • Saros: A period of about 18 years between repetitions of solar and lunar eclipses.
  • Saros Cycle: The saros is a period of 223 synodic months (approximately 6585.3213 days, or nearly 18 years 11 days), that can be used to predict eclipses of the Sun and Moon. One saros after an eclipse, the Sun, Earth, and Moon return to approximately the same relative geometry, and a nearly identical eclipse will occur, in what is referred to as an eclipse cycle.
  • Sar: A sar is one half of a saros.
  • The Saros Series is a series of eclipses occurring at intervals of a saros that consists of about 50 lunar eclipses in a period of about 870 years or about 70 solar eclipses in a period of about 1200 years —called also eclipse series.

Eclipses occur in relation to the Nodes of the Moon. Fortunately for me, Wikipedia did a pretty good job of explaining the Lunar Nodes, so I’m just going to quote it for you here.

NodesLunar Nodes

The lunar nodes are the orbital nodes of the Moon, that is, the points where the orbit of the Moon crosses the ecliptic. The ascending node is where the moon crosses to the north of the ecliptic. The descending node is where it crosses to the south.

Eclipses occur only near the lunar nodes: Solar eclipses occur when the passage of the Moon through a node coincides with the new moon; lunar eclipses occur when passage coincides with the full moon. A lunar eclipse may occur if there is a full moon within 11° 38′ (Celestial Longitude), of a node, and a solar eclipse may occur if there is a new moon within 17° 25′ of a node.

The lunar nodes precess around the ecliptic, completing a revolution (called a draconitic or nodical period, the period of nutation) in 6793.5 days or 18.5996 years (note that this is not the same length as a saros).

Statistics for Eclipses of Saros Series 150


The periodicity and recurrence of lunar (and solar) eclipses is governed by the Saros cycle, a period of approximately 6,585.3 days (18 years 11 days 8 hours). When two eclipses are separated by a period of one Saros, they share a very similar geometry. The two eclipses occur at the same node with the Moon at nearly the same distance from Earth and at the same time of year. Thus, the Saros is useful for organizing eclipses into families or series. Each series typically lasts 12 to 15 centuries and contains 70 or more lunar eclipses.

Lunar eclipses of Saros 150 all occur at the Moon’s ascending node and the Moon moves southward with each eclipse. The series will begin with a penumbral eclipse near the northern edge of the penumbra on 2013 May 25. The series will end with a penumbral eclipse near the southern edge of the penumbra on 3275 Jun 30. The total duration of Saros series 150 is 1262.11 years. In summary:

                      First Eclipse =  2013 May 25   04:11:06 TD
                       Last Eclipse =  3275 Jun 30   05:18:43 TD

                      Duration of Saros 150  =  1262.11 Years

Info Source: NASA Catalog of Lunar Eclipses for Saros Series 150


Solar eclipses of Saros 150 all occur at the Moon’s descending node and the Moon moves northward with each eclipse. The series began with a partial eclipse in the southern hemisphere on 1729 Aug 24. The series will end with a partial eclipse in the northern hemisphere on 2991 Sep 29. The total duration of Saros series 150 is 1262.11 years. In summary:

                      First Eclipse =   1729 Aug 24   13:48:31 TD
                       Last Eclipse =   2991 Sep 29   06:52:19 TD

                      Duration of Saros 150  =  1262.11 Years

Info Source: NASA Catalog of Solar Eclipses for Saros Series 150

Visibility at Greatest Eclipse

According to NASA we probably won’t be able to even notice the Moon is in Eclipse this time. But just the same, it’s happening, and here is a map showing how much of the planet will be in the Visibility Zone (or the Cosmic Eye) at the time of Greatest Eclipse.


Eclipse Visibility | Click to Enlarge

Now, if we stop everything from moving while Zero-Hours Right Ascension (celestial longitude) is aligned with 0° Longitude on the body of the planet, we can make a map of where the stars would fall on the “Game Board” of this planet. Here is a screen capture of an atlas showing where the stars of Constellations Scorpius and Ophiuchus would fall on this Game Board. And you notice that as compared with the NASA map above, they fall inside the zone of Eclipse “visibility” even though there won’t be much of anything to be seen.

12-11-11 3-Quake Midpoint Map

Please notice in particular that Antares – Alpha Scorpius – lies off the coast of Easter Island and that planetary longitude aligns this coordinate with Phoenix and Sedona, Arizona. This validates beyond question the Power inherent in the Sedona Vortexes. This is the base “Chakra Star” of the New Planetary Caduceus–the most powerful occult star in the Heavens–the Heart of the Scorpion that would be a Serpent of Light-Wisdom in the New World. Is it any wonder that so many Light Workers are anchoring the light and hosting symposiums and gatherings at Sedona?

The Earth-Sky alignment sequence kicked off by the first Eclipse in Saros Series #150 in key Scorpio-Ophiuchus year 2013 gives us, as if by Magic, the Cosmic Sign we have been awaiting. It also gives us a firm Time Window within which to expect the course of the Scorpion-Serpent-Eagle Alchemy to have worked its way through the Planet’s various celestially mechanized Systems and to come to Completion as per the Universe’s pre-planned Agenda.

Look at it this way: say you’re a woman who is pregnant. All things being equal and no impediments to the process, you can expect to gestate for 9 months and then give birth.

Crabwood Crop Circle 2002 | See http://www.cropcircleconnector.com/anasazi/time2007n.html

Crabwood Crop Circle 2002 | See http://www.cropcircleconnector.com/anasazi/time2007n.html

Likewise, the Cosmic Clock keeps track of seasons and systems that Humanity is only just now waking up to the necessity of inquiring into and learning since it has been in a “Dark Cycle” or Galactic Winter for (we’ll just say) a very long time.

So does this intimate that Earth is under the control of dark alien beings prosecuting a self-serving agenda that is not in the best interests of Humanity?

Hmm. I say the sooner we change our minds about that, the sooner our Magical Minds will transmute those thought forms and we will wake up some morning to find the people we’ve been picturing in our Minds as evil will suddenly look like World Saviors.

Who sayeth not? If you sayeth not, then you’ve given them your power and you may as well roll up your sidewalks and find a planet to inhabit that isn’t in the middle of such an interesting game.

Saros Series #150, the New Age & the Scorpion-Eagle Alchemy

We don’t honestly believe somebody is going to come down here with a Magic Wand and >bink< “the bad guys” over the head so that Evil is banished from the planet forever, do we? Nah! We couldn’t be that naive. In a Free Will Universe, everyone has an equal right to achieve his/her/its desires and goals — no exceptions. Evolution is a process.

So if the Age of Aquarius officially begins when the Sun at Equinox crosses the Pisces boundary and precesses into Aquarius in 2650 C.E. and the last of the Eclipses in Saros Series #150 occurs in the year 3275, indications are that Humanity cannot be expected to fly with the Eagles for over a millennium yet.

Don’t be discouraged. We’re only just now ushering Humanity into the shift from scorpion to serpent. Just think how much fun we have to look forward to as we all learn how to master the art of metamorphosis, longevity, and immortality (which we are doing already as we explore cloning and GMO foods, except that we are still having to leave old body-shells behind as we outgrow them)! It could be a lot of fun! Seriously! What is wrong with technological advancement? Here we are, all coordinating on the Internet. What’s next? Aren’t you excited to know?

The final Eclipse in Saros Series #150 (June 30, 3275 at 05:18:43 TD) occurs with the Sun in Taurus aligned with Orion’s Belt and with the Moon “at the Feet of the Master” aligned with Alpha Ophiuchus (Rasalhague).

Last Eclipse Saros Series 150

This projected Eclipse date doesn’t look like it’s occurring with the Moon at the Nodal point but who are we to argue with NASA? Due West here is in double alignment  (RA and Ecliptic) with Antares (Alpha Scorpius)

Think of it!

Who is surprised? Anybody? Let me see a show of hands.

Okay – well you must be new to STARTISTICS and Astronomologer. That being the case, you have a lot of catch-up reading to do, so get cracking! 😉

As for the rest of us, we’re rubbing our eyes. We can hardly believe it. We made it here and we’ve found our Team Mates!

Look at it this way. With this Saros Series mapped and the Solar-Lunar information now programmed into our subconscious (Lunar-ruled) Minds, our Higher Selves can collaborate to sketch out Universe-wide travel plans (for business or pleasure) and schedule waves of Serpent Holder and Serpents of Wisdom shifts to keep Earth Mother under constant critical care, maintain vigilant watch over Humanity, and adjust the meds until Healing and Wisdom processes have completed themselves and the Aquarian Age tone of Altruism has taken firm hold 625 years after Vernal Equinox crosses the Pisces-Aquarius boundary in 2650 C.E.

Humanity must be a slow learner species. I don’t know about you, but babysitting is not my thing. I like to get in and get out! But that’s just me. 😉 I’m not a Serpent Holder or Serpent of Wisdom (that I’m aware of). I’m on the Systems Analysis and Troubleshooting team. I’ll leave my Beeper Code with somebody (Asteroid Donna c/o Rho Leonis). You can call me if you need me. Obviously I make House Calls though once I have integrated with a System I can fix it remotely from wherever I happen to be (or not to be as the case may be — Shakespeare pun totally unintentional).

You think I’m kidding? Let’s check the placement of Asteroid Donna on December 10, 2006 at noon. The significance of this date will come to light shortly.

  • Asteroid Donna – Constellation Scorpius
  • 16h04m15.81s RA | -22°21’25.2″ Dec.
  • 243.4102° Ecliptic Lon. | -01.5498° Ecliptic Lat.2

As to the coordinates in bold red above, where have we seen these numbers before just recently? Does anyone remember?

Surely you don’t think the location of Asteroid Donna on December 10, 2006 is what I was referring to when I said in the 04/25/2013 Eclipse article that we’d see this coordinate again really soon. Are you ready to see what I had in mind at the time I wrote the last Eclipse report?

The Moon at Greatest Eclipse on May 25, 2013

Got your seat belts on?

Ephemeris for 2013-05-25 04:10§, Europe/London time zone, 51°31'N, 0°08'W
* These values are geocentric.
Mean Equinox of Date
                  Apparent*               ----  True Ecliptic  ----
         Right Ascen.   Declination    Longitude     Latitude    Const.
         ------------  ------------  ------------  ------------  --------
Moon     16h06m30.67s  -19°20'59.0"  243°21'07.8"    1°30'00.1"  Scorpius
Acrab    16h06m13.09s  -19°50'27.9"  243°22'37.91"   1°0'21.95"  Beta Scorpius
Yed Pos  16h19m01.81s  -04°43'27.9"  243°41'50.63"  16°26'17.15" Epsilon Oph
Yed Pri  16h15m02.97s  -03°43'38.6"  242°29'22.19"  17°14'22.55" Delta Oph

* * *’

*Remember, Yed Posterior and Yed Prior are the back and front of the hand of Ophiuchus that holds the head end of the Snake.

Power Points – Cosmic Déjà Vu

Déjà vu, from the French, literally “already seen”, is the phenomenon of having the strong sensation that an event or experience currently being experienced had been experienced in the past. These degrees on the Zodiac Belt do not set us up for repeated experiences of the same thing over and over. They mark repeated opportunities to “phone home, ET” or get off the race track for a Pit Stop because the address of the key coordinate (243° Ecliptic Longitude) may be the same but the planets that form power alignments there keep changing.

December 10, 2006 — a key date for a number of reasons …

Ephemeris for 2006-12-10 12:00, Europe/London time zone, 51°31'N, 0°08'W
* These values are geocentric.
Mean Equinox of Date
                  Apparent*                  ----  True Ecliptic  ----
         Right Ascen.   Declination    Longitude     Latitude    Constellation
         ------------  ------------  ------------  ------------  ------------
Mercury  16h05m57.56s  -19°59'05.3"  243°21'21.0"    0°51'19.6"   Scorpius
Mars     16h03m53.69s  -20°50'24.3"  243°02'37.4"   -0°04'33.0"   Scorpius
Jupiter  16h06m56.60s  -20°10'54.2"  243°37'00.4"    0°42'24.0"   Scorpius

Beta Sco 16h05m50.50s  -19°49'26.2"  243°17'13.2"    1°0'24.83"   Scorpius
Yed Pos  16h19m01.81s  -04°43'27.9"  243°36'25.56"  16°26'19.68"  Epsilon Oph
Yed Pri  16h15m02.97s  -03°43'38.6"  242°23'57.12"  17°14'25.44"  Delta Oph

* * *

*Yed Posterior and Yed Prior are the back and front of the hand of Ophiuchus that holds the head end of the Snake.

We’re not finished exploring this Critical Degree/Power Point in Constellation Scorpius quite yet. Here to emphasize the sheer Power infused into this Critical Degree is some supporting historical information from Spaceweather News because I would never drop wild assertions and then run off without leaving you with some form of validation by way of factual authorities.

SPACEWEATHER NEWS December 9, 2006

DAWN PLANETS: A suggestion for Sunday morning: Wake up at dawn. Put on warm clothes. Go outside and look east: sky map(continued below)

Planets converging on Dec. 9th. Credit: Tom J. Martinez.

There, amid the rosy glow of sunrise, you’ll see Mercury and Jupiter so close together, you could hide them behind the tip of your pinky finger held at arm’s length. (To be precise, they’ll be 0.25° apart.) Look through binoculars and you’ll see dim, red Mars, too. It’s a rare three-planet conjunction–don’t miss it!

Solar System Upheaval ~ December 2006

What else was going on in the December 2006 time window? Anything? Yes — it was a pivotal time in the Solar System!

As you can see, I have been at my post for a very long time, researching not only the roots of Ophiuchus consciousness but logging many types of cosmic events designed to bring this energy concretely into the Earth’s atmosphere where it has been working hard to wake people up so Earth and Humanity can receive Healing and Wisdom. And this has been happening for longer than I’ve been on the job (it had to wake me up too!).

Saros Series #150 Kickoff Eclipse in Scorpius

I am truly sorry to have to burden you with details, but it’s necessary at this point. I don’t want anybody believing me just because I have a knack with words and can turn a phrase convincingly.

Penumbral Eclipse 25May2013 Saros Cycle 150

Compare these details with the details from the Eclipse on 25 April 2013.

  • Due West – Virgo – 
  • 14h14m22.75s Right Ascension | 00°00’00.0″ Declination (the Equator)
  • Alpha Boötes (Arcturus) –
    14h16m17.39s Right Ascension | 19°07’14.1″ Declination

Okay, is this spooky or is it sheer Master Architect of the Universe genius?

The Moon at the moment of Greatest Eclipse is resting at an Ecliptic coordinate that was featured in the last penumbral Lunar Eclipse of Saros Series 112 — and yet today’s Eclipse begins a new Saros Series.

Obviously, these two Series are connected, and as we saw from the Celestial body language of the April Eclipse, Scorpius and Ophiuchus are central to the celestial alchemy in play.

I’m out of rhetoric at this point. All I can think to say is — for those of you who have a ritual magick bent — go back and review the information in previous Astronomologer offerings about the Watch Towers and how integral Ophiuchus is to changing the direction we’re going in and the temporal and corporeal forms of the future.

Mr. Frodo and the Ring of PowerYou can do this work. You were born to do it. That’s why you’re here reading these offerings on a web site that gets minimal traffic — you are the Solar System’s Best Kept Secret. We work quietly in the background, snubbed by people who think they know better because they’ve memorized what generations of programmed control-bots have perpetuated for that purpose.

But you — you hold the keys to completing what I have heard called a “Mission Impossible.” And I will freely tell you, if you wait for others to do this work it is truly a Mission Impossible. The Impossible will only become Possible if you step up to the plate and do what others are telling you cannot be done, especially by off-the-map Souls and Spirits, humble people who may not be in the next wave of practitioners becoming famous … what is that? A new generation of the same old people.

On this seemingly insignificant barely perceptible Penumbral Lunar Eclipse kicking off Saros Series #150 from (next-to-impossible to hit because the Sun doesn’t even transit it for a whole week) Constellation Scorpius … you are given the chance to be a Hero.

And by the way, for as famous as the new Solar Ophiuchus natives are, I guarantee you, the role of the Scorpius native in all of this is the tail that wags the dog. So be happy and wag that dog until the whole world is a Garden!

  1. This is the first lunar eclipse of Saros series 150. The next occurrence will also be a penumbral eclipse on June 5, 2031. Partial eclipses in series 150 will occur between 2157 Aug 20 and past the year 3000. Total eclipses will occur between 2572 Apr 29 – 2770 Aug 28.
  2. This Ecliptic Latitude lies inside the Zodiac Belt zone in the Southern Ecliptic Hemisphere being roughly within 1.5° of the central circumference of the Ecliptic Plane. The width of the Zodiac Belt is considered to be about 15° even though some Solar System orbitals including Pluto travel far outside this zone.

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I initiated my mysticism & occult path with a course in Astrology from the Rosicrucian Fellowship in 1970. In 1987 as I was preparing to become a professional Astrologer I bought a sky atlas for fun and found constellation Ophiuchus walking along the zodiac belt. I was shocked. I've dedicated myself to evolving Astrology for the New Age ever since then. Let those with the ears to hear, hear. Take what resonates. Leave the rest.